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$1 Million for Your Web3 Blockchain Solution

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To wayang vota upon October 31, 2022

The global economy is defined by an extreme lack of transparency and accountability. Acts that destroy the environment and prevalent precarious inequalities with communities. Financial fundamentals exacerbate all these problems. Now imagine another way.

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Imagine your own dedicated public network focused on both inclusiveness and economic and environmental sustainability.a A blockchain designed for positive and inclusive impact Across a wide range of economic activities, including supply chains, trade finance, energy production, payments, commodities and carbon markets.

$1 million to build an impact-driven blockchain

Topl’s First Developer Grant Program will fund an initial round of designers, visionaries, and changemakers looking to focus on impact as a key driver. $500,000 in cash and $500,000 in tokens will fund projects built on Topl’s proprietary L0 blockchain protocol or incorporate other protocols. web3 technologyGrants are used to drive towards specific development milestones, ideally leading to MVP launches.

Topl seeks inclusive and sustainable innovation for its next billion users.

  • Mobile accessibility: dApps and protocols that can put the Topl blockchain in the pockets of people across the global South
  • sustainability: New DeFi and ReFi incentives and new markets that better handle the externalities of carbon and climate impacts. .
  • Proof of identity: Web3’s idea to allow underserved people to have an identity and do business in a formal economy.
  • Impact NFTs: Turn intangible Sustainable Development Goals into tangible collectibles and tokens of real underlying value.
  • Interoperability: The distribution of activity across different blockchains should be considered a feature of web3 protocols and projects.

Blockchain thrives with scale and complexity. Topl’s protocol was designed as his L0 ecosystem of compatible chains, with a highly configurable token and smart contract design. Unique token and smart contract design to create sustainable and inclusive transformation, unlock positive impact and incentivize.

Apply now! The deadline is November 15, 2022

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