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The Top Airport Management Systems: Comprehensive Reviews & Pricing of Leading Software Solutions

Top Airport Management Software Systems – 2023 Reviews

Airports require sophisticated systems to efficiently manage complex daily operations across different departments. Here are some top airport management software solutions:

Avensis Airport Management Software

  • Comprehensive A-CDM capabilities to improve airside, landside & collaborations
  • Modules for billing, PRM, WRM, airport CDM, performance etc.
  • Real-time dashboards for airport stakeholders’ visibility.
  • Mobile apps to access critical info on-the-go.
  • APIs for integrations within the airport ecosystem.

AMAdeus Airport Manager

  • End-to-end operations suite for finance, retail, passenger flows & collaborative decision making
  • Powerful BI tools for advanced analytics & real-time tracking
  • Cloud-based for scalability, remote work functionality & lower TCO
  • Optimizes terminal processes through digital signage, wayfinding & more
  • Robust training & support services

Advanced Airport Management (AAM) System

  • Modular & configurable system tailored to specific airport needs
  • Legato Access for passenger experience improvements
  • Departures, gates & plane scheduling capabilities
  • Automates day-of-operation processes for airside & landside
  • Single interface for multiple internal & external data sources

Damarel Systems – Synergis Airport

  • Modules for AOCC, airfield management, aircraft stands, AODB etc.
  • Real-time operational visibility across airport stakeholders
  • Flexible deployment through cloud or on-premise options
  • Advanced analytics dashboards for long-term planning
  • Wide coverage across small to large airports globally

With growing air traffic, optimizing resources is critical. Above software offer advanced features to streamline management through digital transformation of airport processes. Comprehensive capability sets coupled with great support make these some of the top choices.

Airport Management Software

Pricing of these airport management software systems

Here are some more details on the typical pricing models of the top airport management software systems:

Avensis Airport Management Software:

  • Licensing costs vary based on modules, airport size and customizations needed.
  • Starting at around $50,000 for basic implementation and $15-30/user per month thereafter.
  • Additional costs for integration, services and custom development.

AMAdeus Airport Manager:

  • Perpetual licensing starts from $150,000 for small airports to over $1 million for large hubs.
  • Subscription (SaaS) model pricing is typically 15-20% lower than perpetual.
  • Both have initial setup fees and additional costs for customization.

Advanced Airport Management (AAM) System:

  • Implementation and set up is $100,000 and above for medium sized airports.
  • Annual licensing and maintenance fees are $50,000-100,000 depending on modules.
  • They offer various package deals bundling software and services.

Damarel Systems – Synergis Airport:

  • Cloud subscription is 15-25% of perpetual licensing costs annually.
  • Perpetual licensing for a small airport is $200,000-500,000 typically.
  • Large international airports pay $1-2 million in licensing.
  • Support and services are charged additionally on time and material basis.

In summary, initial costs for airport management systems range from $100K-$1M+ depending on airport size, modules and customizations needed. Annual subscription/maintenance is 15-30% of initial costs on average. Larger airports with complex operations pay the higher end of pricing.

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