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How to Easily Remove Emojis from WhatsApp Messages ?


Remove Emojis from WhatsApp Messages easily

While emojis help add fun and expression to chats on WhatsApp, sometimes you may want to remove them. Either the emojis are unwanted or you need plain text for compatibility. Here are some handy emoji remover tools for WhatsApp on Android and iPhone:

Emoji Remover for WhatsApp conversations

  • This lightweight Android app lets you mass delete emojis from selected WhatsApp chats or entire chat archives.
  • Just select the chats, tap “Remove Emojis” and save. The emojis will be replaced with blank spaces to keep the message structure intact.
  • It supports all chat types – individuals, groups etc. and maintains formatting like bold, italics etc.
  • Best of all, it works directly on your phone’s storage without needing internet or server access to remove emojis privately.

EmojiCopy for WhatsApp & iPhone

  • This web-based tool can remove emojis from WhatsApp chats on both Android and iPhone.
  • Go to its website on any device, select the WhatsApp backup file (.xlsx format), remove emojis and download the processed file.
  • Restore the edited chat backup on WhatsApp to have emoji-cleaned conversations.
  • It also supports removing emojis from other chat app backups like Telegram, Signal, Twitter etc.

WhatsApp Profile Picture and Emoji Changer

  • This tool lets iPhone users remove emojis from WhatsApp chat text without needing to edit chat backups.
  • Just select “Emoji Remover” option after giving access to WhatsApp from the tool. Select chats and emojis will be removed instantly.
  • However, it only works for individual ongoing chats, not past chat history or group chats.

So in summary, these apps provide easy ways to remove unwated emojis from WhatsApp chats on Android and iPhone for plain text conversion or storage optimization. Choose the right tool based on your device and chat backup editing needs.

Here are some additional details about WhatsApp emoji remover tools:

  • EmojiCop for WhatsApp backup is a good option for bulk editing multiple chat backups at once on desktop. It retains formatting better than direct text editing.
  • The WhatsApp Profile Picture and Emoji Changer tool only works on iPhone since it directly accesses WhatsApp data without backups. But it only works for current chats, not full history.
  • When removing emojis from chat backups, ensure to delete the original file after restoring the edited one to WhatsApp, to avoid confusion from multiple edited backups.
  • Some tools like EmojiRemover may remove all emojis except smileys like 🙂 due to formatting issues. It works best for completely removing emojis.
  • Back up WhatsApp chats to a computer before making any edits in case something goes wrong during restoration. You can recover from a backup.
  • Be careful when removing emojis from group chats as it may confuse other users who see messages without context if sent old edited chat history.
  • The process is best suited for personal one-on-one chats where you need plain text backup for messages without any formatting issues.
  • Restoring edited backups overwrites existing chat history, so take care not to lose any new messages in the process.

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