Frasier Role as Frank Was ‘Very Educational’


Aaron Eckhart appeared in two episodes of Frasier in 2004, a role that quickly became a fan-favorite and taught him an entirely new world of filming.

Speaking to ComingSoon, Eckhart talked about his experience working on Frasier — where he played Frank, the handsome boyfriend of Charlotte — and how great star Kelsey Grammer was.

“Thank you very much, I appreciate that. Kelsey — the whole cast, but Kelsey … look, I don’t know that format,” said Eckhart. “It’s a three-camera, you film in front of … I didn’t know any of that existed. I grew up on Happy Days, of course, but it was all new to me, and seeing these guys work the cameras and work the script and everything … I was terrified, and Kelsey and everybody was just so wonderful, and Laura Linney was on that as well. I really got a glimpse into a world that I know nothing about, which is the three-camera television sitcom show. And I have to say, I liked it.”

Eckhart praised the stars of sitcoms for their professionalism

Eckhart went on to praise those who work in the world of sitcoms, calling them “absolute professionals” and making things much funnier than they are on the pages.

” I remember, one time, I was on a plane with Courteney Cox, and she asked me to help her study an episode of Friends, just read lines with her. I was reading it and, because I’m a huge fan of Friends, I said, ‘Huh, that’s weird,” recalled Eckhart. “It doesn’t seem as funny here as it does when I watch it.’ And she says, ‘Yeah, that’s because of what we do.’ And those guys are just absolute professionals at turning a word up on its end or going down or doing something, and it all just makes sense.

“I’d never known anything about that world, and I got a glimpse of it on Frasier, because nobody’s better at it than Kelsey Grammer and how smart he was and what he did just to make a laugh, and how exhilarating it was and how it led into the next moment. So it was very educational, and I’m glad I did it.”

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