Days With My Stepsister Release Date Window Revealed


The official production team announced the release date of Days with My Stepsister on January 15, 2024. The anime will be gracing audiences in July 2024, i.e., Summer 2024. Audiences also got an insight into the character visuals unveiled by the team.

Days with My Stepsister anime is adapted from the famous light novel by author Ghost Mikawa and illustrator Hiten. Nine volumes have been published so far by Media Factory under the MF Bunko J imprint. This work has also been adapted into a manga by Yumita Kanade.

Days With My Stepsister: Everything to know

Days With My Stepsister
Photo Credit: YenPress

The official X (Formerly known as Twitter) account) revealed the release window for the upcoming anime adaptation on Monday, January 15, 2024. The anime is scheduled for Summer 2024 or, more specifically, July 2024. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any news regarding the exact release date.

Apart from the information about the release window, the production team also revealed two character visuals of the main characters of Days With My Stepsister, Yuta Asamura and Saki Ayase.

Their voice actors were also revealed later on. Yuta Asamura will be voiced by Kohei Amasaki. He is famous for voicing prominent characters such as Otto Suwen from the Re: Zero anime and Neito Monona from My Hero Academia.

Yuki Nakashima will voice Saki Ayase in the upcoming light novel anime adaptation. Like her co-cast, Yuki Nakashima is famous for voicing characters such as Lisa Imai from the BanG Dream! Franchise.

These two voice actors will join the previously announced cast: Minori Suzuki as Shiori Yomiuri, Daiki Hamano as Tomokazu Maru, and Ayu Suzuki as Maaya Narasaka.

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