Deadpool 3 & Wolverine Super Bowl Trailer Easter Eggs


The Deadpool 3 Super Bowl trailer features several Easter eggs and references to the past MCU movies, Fox Marvel movies, and the comics. Here’s a list of the major callbacks that you may have missed out on.

All major Easter eggs in the Deadpool 3 trailer

20th Century Fox Logo

After being spotted in the set videos, the Deadpool & Wolverine teaser gives us an official look at the destroyed 20th Century Fox logo. It refers to the time when Fox used to be a separate studio before Disney bought and turned it into “20th Century Studios”.

Fox mutants & Deadpool 2 cast

The Deadpool 2 characters that Wade Wilson revived using Cable’s time travel device are returning in Deadpool 3. To pair up with the original survivors including Colossus, Negasonic, Yukio, Blind-Al, and Dopinder, we also see Vanessa, Peter, and Shatterstar at Wade’s party. In addition, Aaron Stanford returns from the original X-Men movies to play a Pyro variant.

The TVA returns

After Loki became the God of Stories, the TVA was revamped. So, we see the Minutemen with their upgraded armor in Deadpool 3. Matthew MacFayden comes in as Paradox to replace Mobius. But whether he’ll be on Wade Wilson’s side or against him remains to be seen.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Paradox shows Wade Wilson a clip of the Avengers from Earth-199999 (Earth-616) during Age of Ultron. But later, Wade is seen fighting the TVA’s Minutemen at the same location as the Hydra fight outside of Sokovia. So, it’s possible for Wade to either end up in 2015 or a pruned version of the location in the void at the end of time.

Alioth comes back

One of the TVA Minutemen is seen getting eaten by what looks like a purple cloud. Considering that this description matches Alioth from Loki, it’s likely that the monster returns in Deadpool & Wolverine as well.

Secret Wars

The Deadpool 3 teaser ends with Wade Wilson crashing down on his back in a fight against Wolverine. But beside him lies the cover of Secret Wars #5 with Doctor Doom’s face on it. This could either be a tease for the event being adapted in Avengers: Secret Wars, or one of the first setups indicating that Doom could be the villain of Avengers: Secret Wars.

Wolverine: Patch

While we never see Wolverine’s face in the Deadpool 3 trailer, he shows up twice. Before getting a glimpse of his comic-accurate suit, we also see Wolverine’s back in a white suit that matches Logan from the “Wolverine: Patch” comics. Whether it’s Hugh Jackman, or someone like Daniel Radcliffe playing a Wolverine variant, remains to be seen.

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