Queen of Divorce Episode 7 Photos Tease Lee Ji-Ah Crying Over Wounded Kang Ki-Young

JTBC recently shared the Queen of Divorce episode 7 photos ahead of its premiere. Starring Lee Ji-Ah as Kim Sa-Ra and Kang Ki-Young as Dong Gi-Jun, the K-drama revolves around a divorce consultancy firm’s team leader and her ex-lover joining forces to seek revenge on her ex-husband.

Solution team leader Kim Sa-Ra has locked horns with her former spouse, Noh Yul-Sung (Oh Min-Suk), several times. She even helped his current wife file for divorce settlement in previous episodes. The upcoming episode will feature Sa-Ra in a much more difficult situation than before.

In the recently released episode 7 photos, Dong Gi-Jun is unconscious and bleeding while Sa-Ra holds him. She is devastated as her crying face is captured in the pictures.

Take a look at the photos here:

Queen of Divorce episode 7 photos: Kang Ki-Young lies unconscious as Lee Ji-Ah holds him

JTBC released six photos from Queen of Divorce episode 7. The first three pictures feature Kang Ki-Young’s Gi-Jun and Solution CEO Son Jang-Mi (Kim Sun-Young) fighting with some people. The two get caught lying after Jang-Mi disguises as a blind woman.

The final three photos show the tragic situation of Lee Ji-Ah’s Sa-Ra and Gi-Jun. The latter is lying unconscious on the ground when she finds him. She tries to wake him up and realizes that he is bleeding after a fight. Sa-Ra is captured crying in the pictures.

Previously, the network shared the Queen of Divorce episode 7 trailer. In it, Sa-Ra and her Solution team members deal with a cult-related divorce case. Her ex-husband, Yul-Sung, will intervene and create difficult scenarios for Sa-Ra. 

The trailer ends with Gi-Jun and Sa-Ra discovering Yul-Sung’s connection to Professor Seo’s suicide. Lee Ji-Ah’s character says, “I can finally see how I can send Noh Yul-Sung to prison.”

Queen of Divorce episode 7 release date and time

Queen of Divorce episode 7 will premiere on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, at 8.50 p.m. KST on JTBC. Consisting of 12 episodes, the legal K-drama airs twice a week on Wednesday and Thursday.

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