Did Lee Min-Ki & Kwak Sun-Young Catch the Serial Killer?

ENA and Disney Plus premiered a new K-drama, Crash, this week. Episode 2 of this thriller drama aired on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, featuring Lee Min-Ki and Kwak Sun-Young in lead roles. The storyline revolves around a group of investigators in the Traffic Investigation Team (TCI) solving traffic-related crime cases.

In the previous episode, insurance investigative officer Cha Yeon-Ho (Lee Min-Ki) introduced a serial killer’s case to TCI’s Min So-Hee (Kwak Sun-Young). They worked together to catch the culprit who killed elderly people to claim insurance money. The episode ended with Yeon-Ho jumping in front of the killer’s car.

The culprit, Jung Hok-Yu, tries to kill his car dealer when Yeon-Ho appears in front of the vehicle. Hok-Yu attempts to further hurt him, but So-Hee and her team come to Yeon-Ho’s rescue. Despite their efforts, Hok-Yu doesn’t admit to his crimes. The investigation team does not have much time to solve the case. Will the culprit receive punishment? Only time will tell.

Crash K-drama episode 2 spoilers: Lee Min-Ki puts his life in danger to catch the culprit

K-drama Crash episode 2 gives a glimpse of Yeon-Ho’s past incident. It appears he has witnessed the death of someone closer to him and, hence, struggles to move on from the trauma.

Coming back to his senses, Yeon-Ho faces Hok-Yu, who tries to kill him. So-Hee saves him and catches the culprit. However, things get complicated after Hok-Yu refuses to admit that he has killed the elderly people. Furthermore, Yeon-Ho learns that his superiors want him to drop the case. He realizes that they are involved in Hok-Yu’s insurance scam.

Meanwhile, So-Hee finds out that Hok-Yu made a few calls through random people’s phones and deleted the contact later. While So-Hee and her TCI team investigate further, Yeon-Ho arrives at the shop of the third victim’s son, Song Jiman. Yeon-Ho claims that he knows Hok-Yu, and the two planned all the murders.

Initially, Song Jiman rejects all the allegations but starts behaving strangely when Yeon-Ho mentions calling the police. On the other hand, So-Hee and her team figure out about Song Jiman and rush to his shop. Meanwhile, Jiman attacks Yeon-Ho and pours gasoline over him.

When he tries to use the lighter, a fight breaks out between Jiman and Yeon-Ho. Thankfully, the latter runs away from the scene when the fire ignites. Also, So-Hee arrives at the shop and gets hold of Jiman. Eventually, Jiman and Hok-Yu, along with Yeon-Ho’s superiors, are caught for insurance fraud and for causing four accidents.

Crash episode 2 ending: Lee Min-Ki joins Kwak Sun-Young’s investigation team

Crash K-drama episode 2 further shows Cha Yeon-Ho quitting his job as an insurance investigative officer. After a year, Yeon-Ho joins TCI and irks the police chief in his initial days. Later, Chief Gyeong-Mo learns that Yeon-Ho is the son of Director Cha Gyumin. 

One day, the TCI team deals with drunk drivers when they come across a man whose car has crashed near a tunnel. When they rescue him, he states that he lost balance after witnessing a ghost. So-Hee claims he is drunk while Yeon-Ho looks around for evidence.

The next evening, the team has dinner with the chief, who tries to bond with Yeon-Ho. On the way to the station, Yeon-Ho and So-Hee are in the same car and cross the same tunnel. They also witness a ghost and realize that the drunk man is telling the truth.

To watch what happens next, tune in to ENA and Disney Plus on Monday, May 20, 2024. Crash airs twice a week at 10 p.m. KST on ENA.

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