Did Kang Han-Na & Go Kyung-Pyo Become an Official Couple?

Frankly Speaking episode 9 aired on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, on JTBC and Netflix. Starring Kang Han-Na as Woo-Joo and Go Kyung-Pyo as Ki-Baek, the K-drama currently focuses on the lead characters’ personal and professional lives.

In the previous episode, Ki-Baek decided to officially ask Woo-Joo out on a date. They confessed their feelings for each other but had not announced them yet. When Ki-Baek rushed to Woo-Joo, he saw her hugging her ex, Jung-Heon (Joo Jong-Hyuk). The latter had visited her and her mother to apologize for hurting Woo-Joo in the past.

Frankly Speaking episode nine begins with Ki-Baek witnessing the hug, but soon his misunderstanding ends. Due to fatigue, Jung-Heon passes out and falls on Woo-Joo. The top star is taken to the hospital, and then Ki-Baek drops Jung-Heon home. The latter tells Ki-Baek that he won’t give his blessings to the couple but will not come in between them. He asks Ki-Baek to go to Woo-Joo. As the former announcer rushes home, he messages her, asking if they should officially become a couple. She responds, “I thought we were already official,” leaving Ki-Baek happy.

Frankly Speaking episode 9 spoilers: Go Kyung-Pyo bonds with Kang Han-Na’s ex Joo Jong-Hyuk

In episode nine of Frankly Speaking, Ki-Baek and Woo-Joo become an official couple. However, they hide their relationship status from everyone except for Jung-Heon. The dating show they were part of received high ratings and made Ki-Baek a star overnight. From his fans to his family, everyone begins to praise him and ask for autographs and photos.

While the dating show brings happiness to Ki-Baek, Woo-Joo experiences a setback. When she arrives at her office, she overhears the company’s director asking the dating show production team to cut off Woo-Joo. For context, Woo-Joo was the lead writer of the show, but circumstances led her to participate in it. Due to this, she now cannot continue being a writer for the show. If she joins the team, then the show will not get the regular slot. Hence, Woo-Joo decides to quit the project.

Meanwhile, Ki-Baek has a line-up of commercials and variety shows with Jung-Heon. The latter is not only Woo-Joo’s ex-boyfriend but also a former best friend of Ki-Baek. While shooting a variety show at Jung-Heon’s apartment, Ki-Baek suspects that the top star is dealing with some personal problems. He tries to bond with Jung-Heon and recalls moments from their past. However, they don’t discuss those moments, but the flashback scenes highlight their strong friendship.

On the other hand, Woo-Joo is excited as a variety show producer approaches her. She assumes that the producer wants her to be the lead writer for the project. In reality, the producer asks her to join her show as a celebrity guest alongside other participants from the dating show. Woo-Joo politely rejects the offer and returns home, heartbroken. In front of her building, she bumps into a lady who has been coming to her mother’s salon on a daily basis. She notices a birthmark on the lady’s hand.

When Woo-Joo comes home, she and her mother, Joo-Hee, share a drink. The latter recalls the time when she was about to end her life, but Woo-Joo’s arrival changed her fate. It is then revealed that Joo-Hee is Woo-Joo’s adoptive mother, and the lady with the birthmark is her birth mother.

Frankly Speaking episode 9 ending: Go Kyung-Pyo & Kang Han-Na receive shocking news

Frankly Speaking episode nine further shows Ki-Baek learning that Woo-Joo has quit the dating show. He returns home and takes her out on a date. But their popularity makes it hard for them to roam around freely.

The next day, Ki-Baek joins Woo-Joo in voluntary work where they have to do laundry. Meanwhile, the variety show producer approaches Choi-Hui (Han Dong-Hee) and tells her that none of her dating show co-stars agreed to do a show with her. The producer further points out that Ki-Baek has refused to work with Choi-Hui on any project. She later looks furious when online users bash her for lying about her relationship with Ki-Baek. Choi-Hui gets jealous after she learns about Ki-Baek and Woo-Joo’s relationship.

On the other hand, Ki-Baek and Woo-Joo spend their day together doing laundry. That night, they stay together in a tent, where Ki-Baek tells her to share her good and bad days with him. He says, “It’s fine if you want to say you are okay. And it’s fine if you want to say you are not okay.” In response, she reveals that she saw her biological mother the other day and that she has quit the dating show. Ki-Baek comforts Woo-Joo with a song. 

The next morning, the couple received shocking news. Both check their messages, which contain a video with their picture as its thumbnail. The video title reads, “Couple’s Paradise! Everything was a lie?!”

To watch what happens next in Frankly Speaking, tune in to JTBC and Netflix every Wednesday and Thursday.

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