Can You Watch House of the Dragon Before Game of Thrones?

It has been almost two years since House of the Dragon premiered, and the second season is only a few days away from its release. However, fans, primarily those who have not seen Game of Thrones, have often wondered whether they should watch House of the Dragon before Game of Thrones or the other way around. Here is everything you need to know.

Should you watch House of the Dragon before Game of Thrones?

It is up to fans to watch House of the Dragon before Game of Thrones or go about it the other way around. Either of the series can be a good start. However, there are a few things that viewers may need to keep in mind before making a decision.

On one hand, since House of the Dragon is a Game of Thrones prequel and takes place roughly 200 years before its events, it’s fine if viewers decide to give the former a go before checking out Game of Thrones. Moreover, the events chronicled in House of the Dragon are of historical significance to the Game of Thrones characters.

House of the Dragon is pretty condensed and simple in its explanation of the world of Westeros. It only focuses on one family, House Targaryen, in stark contrast to Game of Thrones’ focus on all Seven Kingdoms, its ruling families, and their complex dynamics. Thus, House of the Dragon would be an easier entry for newer fans of the franchise. With the prequel, they could get into a simple story before they make their way into a more complex narrative.

However, fans can also start with Game of Thrones before making their way into House of the Dragon. This is because the latter series contains significant references to the former, including references to House Stark and the key mention of the Song of Ice and Fire prophecy, which does not pan out until Game of Thrones when it becomes a part of Jon Snow’s story. Additionally, considering the chronological order of release, following it would not be wrong at all.

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