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5 Things Users Are Looking For in NFT Games After Crash

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Jamie Thomson CEO vulcan forged

NFT’s reputation took a big hit in 2022. Amazingly, current statistics show that the number of NFT games is still on the rise, with large venture capital firms funding the development and maintenance of his NFT game projects heavily. According to the latest information from DappRadar BGA game report, venture capital investment in blockchain games and Metaverse initiatives totaled $1.3 billion between July and September. These numbers are nearly double for 2021, despite a 48% drop from the previous quarter.

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Based on our research of the most popular and trusted games, we have compiled a list of 5 features that users look for when choosing an NFT game to play.

Stable income, not immediate profit

Users rarely believe in big daily rewards and quick profits in 2022. Most of them have seen projects that promise such things vanish into thin air one day. Now is the time for games with solid concepts and strong teams, projects that offer users less but more consistent revenue. Most importantly, the game’s native currency can be used outside the game space, traded, or used to pay for goods in other ecosystems. The more integrations, the more reliable it looks.

All games in the NFT market involve risk, tamadoge It’s something the team works particularly hard to establish its legitimacy.Tokens in this game are OKX top exchange, and “combustion“The system is relatively stable. brought in $19 million, was one of the most successful of the year. The game also plans to release his collection of 21,000 NFTs of various rarity levels.

Improved user protection level

User needs for in-game security may seem obvious, as they require users to connect their wallets, but this is not an issue we should overlook. In-game user protection always has room for improvement.To understand the significance, think of $600 million Axie Infinity hack. It is much more appropriate to talk about well-known hacks than about the “most reliable” games.

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If developers want to create long-lasting products, they will need to add some protection, such as additional security keys or a blockchain-based domain name system. You should also decentralize your game as much as possible and hire “white hat” hackers. Of course, usability cannot be sacrificed for security. It doesn’t guarantee complete security, but at least it reduces the possibility of hacking.

User control over the game

If you think no one is interested in creating their own NFTs or metaverses, you might be wrong. People always appreciate what they put their time and effort into. Therefore, you should consider incorporating interactive elements into the game you are developing.

Vulcan Forged allows users to create VulcanVerse quests and adventures, seek out NFTs, and battle other Vulcanites. PYR is the currency of VulcanVerse and can be used by players for staking, settlement and gaming. VulcanVerse lets you buy, trade, and build parcels from scratch. Another such game is Town Star, a blockchain farm that the player has to set up within his week.After this period, the Metaverse will pick winners and award them Gala game token. The game is free, but users need to spend money on some game NFTs to achieve good results and realize the opportunity to earn money. These tokens can be sold or used in another game project.

social interaction

Another unexpected trend among Web3 gamers is their desire for social interaction. Playing games used to mean immersing yourself in them alone. Players now want to be part of the game’s co-creation process.

A sandbox is a global metaverse on Ethereum where players can create their own games, play other players’ games, or simply own land. Land and other digital assets in the sandbox are his NFT tokens that the user can sell, buy and move using her NFT tokens. SAND Gaming Token.

Mobile app available

Finally, keep usability in mind. It’s best if users can easily download the app and follow clear, short instructions. Users don’t always have laptops, they always have mobile phones in their pockets, so they get more traffic than users who haven’t developed their version of mobile. Create a mobile app for your game to make it more accessible.

Examples of games available on the phone are: Decentraland, the user can connect to NFT by registering as an owner. Purchased zones are your property and not the property of any other company. Despite the market downturn, the game remains popular, making it a notable use case.

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