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a sci-fi blockchain game built on cutting-edge crypto

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Game integration with innovative web3 technology

Developed by MIT alum Brian Gu under the pseudonym Gubsheep, Dark Forest is the world’s first decentralized and incomplete information. game, and perhaps the most complex app on the blockchain.a unique intersection between game Dark Forest takes players on an unpredictable adventure, exploring a vast blockchain-supported universe and conquering hidden planets around them while staying safe from attacks from hidden enemies.

Redefining what’s possible in the web3 realm, this sci-fi game applies cutting-edge technologies such as: zk-SNARK — zero-knowledge cryptography — in a way that has never been used before.Recent articles by MIT Technology Review What’s more, it shows that Dark Forest’s influence and innovation extends far beyond its unique gaming experience. new vision of metaversethese technological innovations facilitate a transparent blockchain, capable of hosting an autonomous and decentralized digital world.

The World’s First Decentralized Imperfect Information Game | All Images © Gubsheep & Dark Forest

Conquer the Crypto Universe with Hidden Information

Dark Forest is one of the first incomplete pieces of information. game It was never built on a distributed system. Built on Ethereum, zkSNARKS — A powerful cryptographic tool that verifies each player’s movements on the blockchain without exposing them to others — A real-time space conquest strategy game that allows millions of hidden Set in a procedurally generated universe filled with supernatural planets.

Players begin their journey by spawning on their home planet. Their mission is to explore the infinite universe, race hidden enemies to discover and capture other planets and resources, and complete round-based competitive tasks to grow your empire. First, players can only see a small portion of their map, while the rest is hidden behind an encrypted fog of war (no vision), along with enemy locations, movements, and planets. . As they navigate the unknown void and capture more planets with random consequences, gradually more of the universe becomes visible to them. I don’t know if it will be expanded. Each movement is recorded and verified on the blockchain, but the coordinates in space are hidden from the enemy.

Dark Forest: A one-of-a-kind sci-fi blockchain game built on cutting-edge cryptography
Players embark on a mission to capture hidden planets and expand their territory

Dark Forest: Paving the Way for an Autonomous Metaverse

Until recently, incomplete information about the blockchain was nearly impossible as information about all transactions and parties remained visible in the public realm. However, advanced applications of zk-SNARKs on Ethereum have recently started to change blockchain transparency. Dark Forest is a prime example, running on a decentralized blockchain where players have no control over the consequences of their actions and no knowledge of other users, unlike other server-dependent online strategy games. .

In addition, Gubsheep’s innovative use of blockchain and advanced cryptography not only enables more interesting and complex gaming experiences, but also opens up a wide variety of ways these technologies can be used beyond current common financial functions. become actually, MIT technical review He notes that the game could even be seen as a revolutionary step towards building and hosting a rich new shared decentralized metaverse that no one owns and no one can stop.

Dark Forest: A one-of-a-kind sci-fi blockchain game built on cutting-edge cryptography
Gamers traverse the infinite universe

Dark Forest: A one-of-a-kind sci-fi blockchain game built on cutting-edge cryptography
First, only the player’s home planet is shown, other planets are revealed as they are conquered.

Dark Forest: A one-of-a-kind sci-fi blockchain game built on cutting-edge cryptography
State-of-the-art technology like zero-knowledge encryption hides player movements

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