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Adidas digital fashion NFT holders

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Last December, Adidas launched its NFT offering, unveiling an NFT collection of both physical and digital products created in collaboration with BAYC, Gmoney and Punks Comics. Members of that drop app (called Confirmed) got early access to purchase the “Into the Metaverse” NFT. It promised to grant access to wear digital items, buy physical products, and access experiences. It then partnered with Prada on a project inviting the community to post selfies, culminating in a large-scale artwork sharing the proceeds with contributors.of Adidas To Metaverse Drop It’s already facilitating a fair amount of secondary trading.

Adidas is one of the top ranked brands among branded NFTs. Recent data aggregationNike has a big lead thanks to its acquisition of Rtfkt, but with more than $185 million in revenue as of this August, Adidas’ more than $11 million in revenue (also in August time) is not meant to be mocked.For example, Puma has acquired Estimated $1.3 million in primary and secondary salesIn secondary sales, Adidas made over $176 million (over Nike’s $1.3 billion), but beat out every other brand’s NFT product surveyed.

Earlier this month, Puma Chief Brand Officer Adam Petrick said: trendy business A digital-first design ethos that was already creatively inspiring in-house talent. Rtfkt, on the other hand, has actually started producing work that has informed the community. Meanwhile, Nike plans to ask her Web3 viewers for their input on the design, with the goal of eventually sharing royalties. All this indicates a significant acceleration of creativity and co-ownership.

The virtual collection “represents the idea of ​​wearable clothing that can transcend time and space, a vibrantly diverse community, and levels of utility that will be explored and discovered as the world and avatars take on new forms,” ​​Galway said. says.

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