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Anthology might invent use-cases for metaverse learning: CEO

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Anthology, a global edtech enterprise solutions company, has the potential to invent metaverse use cases within the delivery process of teaching and learning, Anthology chairman and CEO Jim Milton told BusinessLine.

“If the Metaverse use cases help facilitate understanding and improve accessibility and affordability, then the technology should be leveraged, especially as 5G rolls out on a larger scale in India. AR We have no intention of inventing VR or VR, but we are partnering with Metaverse companies to leverage this technology in the context of higher education,” said Milton.

Anthology provides edtech enterprise solutions to universities in 80 countries and has over 150 million users. The company offers over 60 of his SaaS products and services designed to advance learning. The company was estimated to be worth around $3 billion after merging with Blackboard (a maker of learning management systems, Blackboard Learn) in 2021.

In India, the Anthology has partnerships with several institutions including IIT, Central and State Universities and other leading private institutions. Anthology has 1,300 employees in India and plans to add another 200. The company plans to have more employees in India in the near future than in the United States, where it is headquartered.

In late May, Anthology sold its video conferencing platform Blackboard Collaborate to US-based Class Technologies. Milton believes the sale allows Anthology to be tightly integrated with products like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, rather than being limited to its own product. This step also opens the possibility for Anthology to experiment with future technologies such as the metaverse, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Many edtech companies are struggling after the pandemic boom subsides and customers prefer offline learning options. In response, Milton said: In terms of usage, video conferencing solutions are now a bit less, but that’s part of the business we sold some time ago (Blackboard Collaborate). ”

Additionally, Milton said the use of learning management systems (LMS) has also surged during the pandemic, as it is a prerequisite for educational institutions to move online. Milton said the LMS is an enabler for delivering learning not only online, but also on-campus. Much of the discussion has shifted to hybrid education, and universities recognize the need for his LMS to provide a hybrid learning experience.

“On the flip side of the coin, student management system purchases stopped during the pandemic as educational institutions focused on shifting online. I am,” he added.

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