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Apple reorganizes App Store rules on NFTs & cryptocurrency

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Under the new rules, apps can sell NFTs and related services on the App Store as long as they use Apple’s in-app purchases (which cost 30%).

It can be a little tricky to make a profit on both NFTs and cryptocurrency apps trying to work on Apple devices. Here are some new rules regarding the sale, service and exchange of cryptocurrencies and NFTs on the platform. Through Apple exercises the usual 30% cut.

Apple recommends the latest revision to its App store guidelines October 24, 2022, CNBCAccording to the new rules, apps that trade and sell NFTs and related services must utilize in-app purchases for their trade. Other addendums to the rules relate to locking content behind paywalls and manipulation that leads users to purchase services outside the app, essentially bypassing his Apple system. The purpose is that.

Apple's New App Store Guidelines for NFTs
Apple’s new policy for selling and servicing NFTs on the App Store mandates the use of in-app purchases, cutting 30% off that.
sauce: apple

Apple’s new rules extend beyond NFT apps and services. The guidelines also include new rules for cryptocurrency apps and services.

“The App may not be used to trade or transmit cryptocurrencies on approved exchanges, provided that the App is offered only in countries or territories where the App has appropriate licenses and permits to offer cryptocurrency exchanges. can promote,” the guidelines said.

Cryptocurrency regulations seem to imply a crackdown on cryptocurrency services operating in illegal countries.china has cIt hit cryptocurrency hardso this could be Apple covering the back as a liability, in similar countries that restrict cryptocurrency exchanges.

The longstanding impact of Apple’s rule changes could be even more problematic for NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Finance When legal troubleThat hasn’t stopped innovators in that market from trying to grow related technologies. Stay tuned for further updates on NFTs and the crypto space.

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