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Apple’s App Store Ensures It Gets a Cut of NFT Purchases

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Apple, one of the largest tollbooths on the Internet, is making sure to take a portion of NFT purchases made on the App Store.

The company made that adjustment App store rules We explained the cryptocurrencies and NFT services listed on the platform this week and clarified that users must purchase NFTs through Apple’s in-app payment system. The new rules clarify that the app maker can allow the user to view, list, create or transfer her NFTs, but prohibits unlocking additional features of the app. Workaround to Apple payment system. More importantly, the rules prohibit app makers from using features such as links to direct users to his non-Apple payment methods.

“Apps may not contain buttons, external links, or other calls to action that direct customers to purchase mechanisms other than in-app purchases,” reads the new rules.

Apple’s apparent rationale for language tweaks here seems pretty straightforward. The company typically receives a 30% commission. Lowered Up to 15% for small users on all transactions made through the platform. In the past and before Congress, Apple has argued that these committees are necessary to maintain and maintain. Keep the platform safe and secure.developers like masterpiece When Spotify and a growing chorus member of parliament Called the argument bullshit around the world and filed lawsuit When proposed law Condemn the company’s monopoly practices.

News of Apple’s NFT changes has ruffled quite a few feathers among developers and the web3 Promoter.

Others, like Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, lawsuit It likened the new rules to cash grabs, going against Apple’s past app store practices.

“For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, this means Apple will add a 30% tax on the so-called ‘true ownership’ of digital goods,” said Sweeney. wrote on twitter“For crypto detractors, this shows that Apple’s motive is solely money. For digital items, they support taxable NFTs and ban non-taxable NFTs.”

“With antitrust lawsuits and significantly increased scrutiny by legislative and regulatory bodies, Apple’s bold focus on pursuing exclusive rents is absolutely shocking,” said Sweeney. says Mr. Added.

Apple did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.

Apple’s NFT rules will only harm the rickety NFT ecosystem, where shocking cryptocurrency prices and general economic volatility have seen trading volumes drop significantly compared to 2021 highs. . Ann analysis NFT trading volume fell 97% from a record high in January, according to a Bloomberg survey last month. this Year.

Apple’s new rules have been relatively lax when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges.The company states that the app can “facilitate the trading or transmission of cryptocurrencies on approved exchanges” as long as the service is only offered in regions or countries where the app has the appropriate license. Revealed. Last addition, TechCrunch as NoteSo if Apple now believes that certain cryptocurrency exchanges are operating illegally, it may have cover to remove them from the local App Store. means

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