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Aptos Is Luring Away Solana NFT Traders and Creators—Will It Last?

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in a nutshell

  • The Aptos NFT market has continued to grow since mainnet launch last week.
  • Transactions for Solana NFTs have declined recently amid moves by marketplaces to stop enforcing creator royalties.

enthusiasm around Solana The NFT market has recently fallen short as a marketplace for Crypto Twitter Refusal to honor creator royaltiesTrading volumes are slowly declining and it’s possible that the bear market isn’t just in a bad mood.His Aptos, a rival blockchain network, also seems to be gaining attentionand fundsof some Solana NFT traders.

AptosThe so-called “Solana killer”, backed by $350 million in VC funding, Mainnet launched from last week Doom and Darkness from Crypto ObserverWho criticized Supply and distribution of APT tokens When He argued that blockchain is technically overwhelming.

But despite this, Aptos’ NFTs are selling and are the top projects at the moment.Aptos Monkeys— Outperforms all other NFT collections on both Solana and Ethereum in terms of 24-hour trading volume.

Aptos NFT Marketplace Topaz has accumulated $5.46 million to date in NFT deals since its launch on October 18th. This is based on the current price of his APT, the pseudonymous founder of Topaz. 0x clickbait Said Decrypt. According to Topaz data, Aptos Monkeys alone has generated more than $2.3 million in trading volume (253,000 APT) since it launched on Tuesday afternoon. In contrast, the best-selling collection on OpenSea right now is CryptoPunks, which generated 559 ETH, or around $800,000, on its final day.

Topaz trading volume is “basically doubling every day.” 0x clickbait Said Decryption.

Aptos does not yet have an NFT data analytics platform that aggregates public blockchain data, but the numbers provided by Topaz are consistent with the high volume of transactions seen in the market so far.

Topaz reported trading volume closely matches that of the Solana NFT Marketplace magic eden on the last day. Magic Eden reports that in the last 24 hours he has traded NFTs worth 58,100 SOL, which is his $1.8 million. In comparison, Topaz for the same period he is $1.71 million.

Other Data Collected by Analytics Platforms sand dunes suggests that Magic Eden’s trading volume has mostly trended downward over the past few days. From around 100,700 SOL on Friday, he gradually dropped to 58,400 SOL on Monday, but on Tuesday he rose to nearly 79,400 SOL in the market.

Market scale data analysis platform Nansen Solana NFT reported a 33% drop in trading volume over the past 30 days, down from the previous span (3.08 million SOL to 2.08 million SOL), with wash trades suspected of market manipulation removed from the data. I’m here. ethereumMeanwhile, the NFT market in , has risen nearly 6% over the same period.

Crypto Twitter is full of examples of Solana traders Some say that talking about diving into the Aptos space reminds me of the early days of Solana NFTs. This shift may explain the fluctuations in liquidity in both markets.

Aptos Monkeys made the biggest splash yet in early blockchain, pixel-art, flamingo-themed Aptomingos is also moving large numbers and accumulating Trading volume to date is approximately 100,000 APT ($882,000). The cheapest Aptomingos NFT is currently listed at 78.5 APT (around $700).

In the last 24 hours, Aptos Monkeys generated significantly more topaz trading volume than the top Solana NFT project, the DeGods spin-off. y00ts— Generated in Magic Eden (5,700 SOL, or $177,000).

The shift in momentum is also pushing some would-be creators away from Solana. zodiac world, Mog DragonsWhen apt stop sharks— announced that it is “moving to Aptos” to capitalize on the hype. Meanwhile, existing project Oka Bulls announced today that Transition to Aptosallowing NFT owners to trade for the Aptos version.

The trend has caused frustration among some Solana diehards on Crypto Twitter. quasi-protocolA platform that uses the same Rust programming language as Solana.

Similar to Aptos, there was some early hype around Near’s NFTs, with many Solana traders flooding into the space to take a chance, but it didn’t last long. The top near marketplace Paras has less than $5,000 in past day trading volume. Dapp Radar.

Whether Aptos will repeat the rapid boom-bust cycle or turn into the next Solana remains to be seen, but early momentum is building.When blue bears Traders will no doubt be watching closely to see if Aptos can provide continued challenges, especially if the Solana NFT recovers.

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