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Aptos: Is The Solana-Killer Blockchain Broken?

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Transaction delays are one of the most frustrating factors in the cryptocurrency industry. Processing requires hours of transactions and is always subject to native blockchain business.Aptos Claim can work on this issue.However, after the mainnet launch, the platform got off to a shaky start and performed slower than expected..

Aptos has lower transactions per second (TPS) than Bitcoin and most tokens are either staked or ready to be tossed out to retail investors.

Aptos transaction speed

The main goal of Aptos is to reach 100,000 TPS in the final version. The blockchain is expected to run Diem’s ​​parallel execution technique. The parallel execution strategy involves concurrent processing and verification of independent transactions. Many blockchains today are executed sequentially according to single-line transactions that are processed one at a time.

However, Aptos’ current TP is around 4 transactions per second. Additionally, many of the transactions are not real transactions. They are just validators that communicate, set block checkpoints, and write metadata to the blockchain.

During launch, the community panned Aptos for having an opaque token economic structure. This means that the distribution of Aptos tokens was unknown to anyone.

Moreover Available on Monday, October 17ththe company had yet to reveal its token distribution.

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The total supply of Aptos is 1,000,739,234.25. However, there are around 821,111,362,91 stakes. This shows that the team and investors control over 80% of the token supply. But the remaining 200m Aptos missing. This shows that almost all of the token supply is going to private companies.

The fact that Aptos did not reveal its token model until just before the mainnet launch was not well received by the community. The launch and airdrop of the Aptos token structure also did not do well on the market. This value has decreased by almost 50% from 13.73% at launch.

The hype surrounding Aptos put pressure on the company to stick to its word and deliver lightning-fast transaction times.

Also, retail investors and major contributors will have to deal with a four-year lockup of APT tokens after mainnet launch. Such tokenomics are not exactly ideal and can alienate potential buyers.

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