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Argentinian Customs Officials Seize 342 Crypto Mining Rigs

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Source: Monggolchon/Adobe

Argentine customs officials have seized 342 cryptocurrency mining rigs due to the country’s continued cryptomining. recent crackdown About illegal miners.

state news agency Terram The raid was carried out by the Directorate General of Customs (DGA) and the country’s tax authority, the Federal Revenue Service (AFIP), it said.

These rigs will be hidden in 14 shipping containers scheduled to be unloaded at the Port of Buenos Aires, containing a variety of items, including containers of pepper spray, cosmetics, sunglasses, children’s toys, video game console controllers and electric cows. was hidden inside. prods, and mobile phone accessories, the official explained.

Many of the seized items, including rigs, were described as contraband, and officials said the market value of equipment and other illegally imported items totaled $5.6 million.

Although importing crypto mining rigs is not illegal in Argentina, both miners and importers are legally required to declare their purchases and pay taxes on the importation of rigs.

Finance Minister Sergio Massa was present as AFIP and DGA displayed their cargo at the port. He explained that Argentine law sometimes “bans imports” in certain areas to “protect the country’s industrial interests.”

Economy Minister Sergio Massa inspects some of the seized goods. (Source: Minister of Economy of Argentina)

Also present was Carlos Castagneto, Head of AFIP. He promised to continue the agency’s recent crackdown.

Castagneto was quoted as saying:

“We don’t have Saturdays or Sundays. We need AFIP that works everywhere.”

Customs officials, meanwhile, insisted they would “continue to stop anything that threatens the transparency of international trade.”

Argentina: Crackdown on Crypto Mining Continues to Accelerate

For AFIP taken to the battlefield It targets illegal cryptocurrency miners since Castagneto took control in August of this year. Since then, the agency claims to have “dismantled” a series of cryptocurrency mining operations in the states of Cordoba, La Plata, Santa Fe and Mar del Plata.

Earlier this month, during an AFIP raid in Cordoba, the agency reportedly seized “57 mining rigs and 342 video cards with a market value of $420,000.”

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