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As NFT trading volumes plummet, Lisbon’s RealFevr raises €10 million

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The week is sure to be filled with particularly Portuguese-inspired announcements, but the Fantasy Football League, Trading Moments App, and Video NFT Marketplace are among the first to arrive. real fever Announced a €10 million funding round. The Lisbon-based organization said the $10 million will be used for further international expansion efforts and the acquisition of new intellectual property rights. Since January 1, 2018, RealFevr has raised his €15.4 million.

Global Ambassadors and Shareholders Bruno Fernandes RealFevr’s €10 million funding round advantage,participant Semapa Next, Shilling Capital Partnersand some undisclosed football stars.

Given that just a month ago, Bloomberg’s friends report Since the beginning of the year, NFT trading volumes have plummeted by 97%, from $17 billion to just $466 million in January-September, and Liverpool FC’s Miserable Jumping into the world of NFTs, with 95% of the collection unsold, it’s an interesting time to come out of the gate with a €10 million funding round. Sure, those deals have been going on for months, but not yet.

RealFevr’s claim may be better framed in terms of sales, given Liverpool’s actual earnings of £1.125 million, as opposed to the projected £8.5 million. According to the company, “all previous NFT collection packs sold out within 24 hours, with over 145,000 packs sold.” Players such as Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ángel His Maria and Ronaldinho will appear. , Eric Cantona, Totti, Ruben Diaz and others.

Fred Antons

RealFevr CEO commented: Fred Antons“Being at the forefront of innovation in such a highly competitive and highly technological market, we are determined to remain bold in one of the most transformative markets we have ever seen. I am determined to

Several Web3 sports-related startups are vying for a piece of the pie, but ADvantage’s Jeremy Pressman commented: What immediately stood out about the RealFevr team was not only their deep expertise in the Web3 and blockchain space, but also their focus and understanding of what it takes to build a community. ”

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