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At Least 1/3 of North Korean Missile Program Funded by Crypto

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About ten years ago, people seemed surprised when I warned about Cryto’s ties to North Korean (or Russian) military funding.

Currently, the U.S. Deputy National Cyber ​​Advisor very publicly stated A third of North Korea’s missile program is funded by Crypto.

Anne Neuberger bases her analysis on the fact that $1 billion in cryptocurrency was stolen in the first nine months of 2022 alone.

This reminds me of the old consulting contracts. what i wrote before.

I was parachuting into a bank to help a risk manager navigate Crypto. They needed to know if they would give the go-ahead to giant power companies to push them to invest in large-scale bitcoin mining (the energy sector is generally run/owned by American for-profit bankers). ).

“That’s all we need to know,” I remember a bank executive saying after asking if we really wanted to keep the blood of North Korean missile launches on hand.

The power company was given a huge no.

The “blood code” idea I presented to them was not new, but more like a new chapter in an old tragic story.

Having studied anonymous games for the proliferation of weapons among global hate groups for a long time (such as mercenaries in Africa and “blood diamond” money laundering to fund coups d’état), Crypto It seemed somewhat obvious where the was going.

It was often said that the dark future of crypto could not be seen until the reality of Blood Diamond’s past was explained.

The bottom line is that many people still openly wear their diamond assets as if they haven’t seen “it,” and many boast that they still own crypto assets.

The evolution from diamond crime to crypto crime should not seem sudden to observers Billionaires who are particularly troublesome in the news.

As you may remember, the website was set up by white South Africans to allow for the unregulated international movement of wealth, specifically from racist mining (PayPal is a humanitarian It was a “quick and easy” remittance service intended to evade legal restrictions).

Peter Thiel and Elon Musk after moving to America nearly died in a sports car Because Musk couldn’t figure out how to drive it.

From there, Crypto really became a minor change to expand global risk.This probably explains why white South Africans are still Brazenly promote toxic and obscene cryptocurrency mining Today it should remind you that your parents washed blood diamonds.

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