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Australia Comes After BPS and Qoin, Bithumb Ex-Chair Faces 8 Years in Prison, Canaan Launches New Series, Art Project in Support of Ukraine

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legal news

  • Australian person Regulators are suing crypto firms BPS Financial Alleged Misleading Statements About Crypto Assets coin. of Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Said In a statement that BPS made misleading statements and engaged in unauthorized conduct in relation to Qoin, a digital currency it launched in 2019, a growing number of BPS-registered merchants claim that it can be used to pay for goods and services of
  • South Korea Prosecutors are reportedly seeking eight years in prison for the former chairman. Bithumb Cryptocurrency exchange’s Lee Jong-hoon in $70 million fraud case.Prosecutors sought a verdict on the grounds that the damage was serious, Yonhap report.

mining news

  • Canaan new generation Bitcoin (BTC) Mining machine, Avalon Made A13 series. This includes his two different models with enhanced computing power and improved power efficiency over their predecessors. Said press release. The model A1346 has a hash rate of 110 TH/s and a power efficiency of 30 J/TH, while the model A1366 has a hash rate of 130 TH/s and a power efficiency of 25 J/TH.

art news

  • October 27, ArtTech V art platform linked with refreshing art, national museum Lviv, and DSL collection intention release A new project titled alternate dimension. Rembrandt, Tiepolo, Ukrainian Digital and crypto art curator Eleonora Brizi is looking for a number of well-known digital artists such as Jaen, Skeneee and Mattia Cuttini to join the project.Proceeds from the sale of these newly created interpretations will be donated to help Ukrainian language support Museum.

exchange news

  • bitfinex SWAPiX integration announced smart payprovides an on/off ramp to and from the Brazilian Real (BRL). Tether (USDT)According to the press release, SWAPiX allows users to convert between BRL and USDT as well as send and receive peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, digital token purchases, and purchases using USDT at stores nationwide.
  • Biget announced a partnership with Lionel Messi to make the film one month before the soccer World Cup tournament. “Through this partnership, Bitget will offer Messi and his fans a unique opportunity to explore. Web 3.0 Possibility of trading cryptocurrencies on exchanges Said press release.
  • Wirex have announced Here is the list of women on the 2022 Rising Women in Crypto Power List after partnering with The Cryptonomist to recruit over 200 female nominees from across the industry and from 30 countries around the world. Judges will select the top 13 winners for the Power List, which will be announced on November 8th.
  • Alexander Höptner has decided to step down as CEO. BitMEX Less than two years after joining the company.Stefan Lutz Appointed Interim CEO, Remains CFO of The Block reportciting a company spokesperson.

Web3 News

  • that’s allan open, AR-enabled distributed infrastructure metaverseis affiliated with luxo chainA digital certificate company registered with blockchainPrivate Club Tera Bitcoin Clubwill hold a treasure hunt on October 27th in Lugano, Switzerland. Treasure hunt involves exploring the city through AR-enabled apps. According to the announcement, the total number of tokens collected individually will contribute to each team’s score, and his three teams that collect the highest number of virtual tokens will win prizes from a pool of up to BTC 1.
  • .ART group Today we announced the launch of protocol artis the Web3 infrastructure for the community of creators and art collectors.According to the announcement, the rollout will begin with the integration of ethereum name service (ENS), enabling members of the .ART community to streamline their digital identities into the Web3 space.You can also use your existing .art web domain Ethereum (ETH)The second phase of Protocol.art will focus on the distribution of governance tokens to Domain Name System (DNS) and ENS owners.

blockchain news

  • oasis, EVMs– Compatible multi-tier blockchain built by gamers gamerhas announced plans to fully launch its mainnet. Around According to the press release, the Oasys mainnet will be implemented in three different phases, with the first set for October 25th, the second for November 8th, and the third for November 22nd.

investment news

  • AQRU plcan incubator specializing in decentralized finance (DeFi) was announced for sale. block renderis a startup that provides a loan service secured by virtual currency. BlockLender will offer digital asset holders the opportunity to use their cryptocurrencies as collateral to access instant loans starting at $100, the announcement said. Instead of funding loans through customer deposits, we invest customer collateral into smart contracts using DeFi protocols to generate returns that are used as collateral to fund the underlying loans. increase.

payment news

  • minimalista blockchain network that allows users to run complete nodes on mobile or IoT devices, announced A blockchain-based retail payment system.According to the announcement, Minima will mini payis one of the first Minima Innovation Challenge winners to bring to market a contactless payment app that connects to the Minima Wallet and uses NFC and QR codes for everyday purchases.

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