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Award-winning metaverse pax.world steps up economic development with launch of Utility Token $PAXW

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ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, Oct. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Award-winning metaverse pax.world has announced the launch of the token $PAXW. This is the native token used to extend the company’s rapidly developing ecosystem.

pax.world is a 3D world that offers an immersive and realistic experience including highly detailed business centers where real organizations can host events, conferences and AMAs. It also features an educational center for interactive learning experiences and his NFT gallery that showcases and auctions the work of real artists.

The metaverse also drew inspiration from world-class architectural firms such as Grimshaw, which pax.world commissioned to create one of four “metaserai”, the central gathering place for pax.world’s citizens. Features a design.

Running on the carbon-neutral Polygon (MATIC) blockchain, the $PAXW token will enhance pax.world citizen experiences, rewarding achievements in the world, creating engaging content, and contributing to greater pax. help build and support world community.

Token holders can also vote to determine the future direction of pax.world. Additionally, this token will also allow citizens to vote on content rewards and resource allocations owned by the pax.world DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

$PAXW can be used to purchase land and pay for in-world services. Additionally, the token will be the primary medium of exchange for both virtual and real world products and services on the pax.world marketplace.

Inworld commercial activities that use $PAXW include:

  • Virtual business headquarters and customer support offices
  • Venues and arenas for concerts and live performances
  • Advertising in virtual space
  • educational institution
  • Buying NFTs in art galleries

$PAXW tokens are also used for staking. This is how pax.world community members support the project and enhance the experience by accessing exclusive rewards like limited edition NFTs and her VIP program for talks and events. Staking also increases the rewards pax.world citizens receive for achievements such as visiting locations, completing challenges, creating content, and engaging with the community.

In addition to rewarding $PAXW, achievements unlock new UI features and transport permissions.

Metaverse users can also acquire in-world privileges and features much faster by paying or staking $PAXW. Additionally, $PAXW can be earned by participating in inworld events, interacting with the metaverse, consuming other content, and creating experiences for other users.

pax.world lists $PAXW in Q4 2022.

About Pax World

pax.world is an open metaverse that anyone can access. The platform integrates some of the standard communication methods already in use, such as video and voice calls, as well as streaming and broadcasting systems, to create a rich experience that fuses 3D models with realistic interaction capabilities. provide a hybrid environment.

The pax.world design includes earning features and gamification essential to attracting new users and keeping them engaged. The platform allows users to enter web3 directly from their laptop or mobile he device, with onboard quick wallets, low hardware requirements, no graphics cards or VR gear required.

pax.world is designed to meet the requirements of both customers and artists, allowing businesses and the general public to interact, enjoy and benefit from the metaverse.

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