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Back To The Future: Has Blockchain Technology Always Been A Dead Cat Bounce or The Market With Big Eyes Coin, and Solana Prevails?

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What is happening in the cryptocurrency market right now must have come as a shock to many who stumble upon this article, leaving them confused and fearful about what the future holds. There is little room for hope and positive sentiment even among the most enlightened crypto enthusiasts.The Terra debacle and subsequent collapse of FTX is the biggest challenge the market has ever faced.

However, this does not mean that crypto is going anywhere anytime soon. As you can see, markets, like history, tend to rhyme with each cycle. This means that something similar has happened before, allowing us to predict the future with some degree of certainty. Consider why there is light even in the darkest hours. big eyes coin and Solana. Let’s dig in.

Crypto Nexus Event

Rather than focus on the causes of both crypto-disasters, we would like to examine what happened during similar events in history to see if there is a pattern. The currency crash liquidated over 50% of Bitcoin’s price, plummeting to $3,596. In contrast, the 2018 crash, fueled by the idea of ​​an ICO, saw the price of Bitcoin plummet to $500, only to drag the slowly flourishing market into a pit. Each cycle put a lot of pressure on the shoulders of the community, but regardless of the circumstances, they were more rejuvenated than ever. Because this is how the market works, and in difficult times like this, most people can make a lot of money. Need to know where to look.

Big Eyes Coin The cuteness that saves the world

During the crypto winter, it might be wise to consider coins that are not yet on the market and are on presale. One of them is Big Eyes Coin, which swept the community with its unique aesthetic vision and value proposition. First of all, this is unlike any other token on the market and is making its way into the big leagues, with Big Eyes Coin collecting over his $10 million in pre-sale games. is simple. The community deserves separate kudos for getting involved in the project through sickness and spasms, a feature that is integral to any meme his token.

But it goes beyond that, offering multiple useful features not yet found in similar coins. For example, the Big Eyes NFT Marketplace would be the perfect starting point for this project to gain traction post-launch. Each subsequent NFT sale will be subject to a special tax of 4% paid to the original seller. Meanwhile, holders of his BIG, the platform’s native token, will get 5% of his share. In doing so, holders are encouraged to participate in the secondary market while maintaining BIG’s liquidity. If you feel this project resonates with you, use the promo code BIGPRIZE25 to get free tokens when you buy BIG. But remember to always do your own research.

Also, watch the following video to learn more about the project.

Solana: Ethereum Killer

Forget the ban or Tornado Cash software after SBF filed for bankruptcy and the Solana project where everyone has their eyes on Ethereum after FTX. In many ways, it offers a great alternative to Ethereum. It’s fairly fast, has fewer transactions, and has a much lower carbon footprint than its competitors. The only drawback it has is, ironically, consistent with the centralized nature of network speeds, which account for the majority of USPs.

However, how you understand it within the context of the question posed is very important. With only 23 validators on the Solana blockchain, the network can restart very quickly, allowing Solana to do more in dealing with various contingencies. Think about this the next time you hear criticism of the Solana blockchain.

Future plans:

No one is endowed with serendipity, but we can speculate and ponder. By many accounts, this cycle is ongoing, but has come to an end, with some disillusioned and others cheering with joy. Move smart, think twice before you do anything, and have fun trading!

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