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Beautiful Snaps From Shadab Khan Valima Cermany

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As you know, Shadab Khan’s Bharat ceremony was held in his native village, but now the Walima celebration is being held with great fanfare in the presence of his closest friends and special relatives. The decision to move forward the wedding was made due to the Pakistan Super League (PSL) scheduled to start on February 13th.

For those who don’t know, Shadab Khan will tie the knot with Malika Saqlain, daughter of former Pakistan cricket team skipper and spinner Saqlain Mushtaq. While Shadav Khan’s wedding photos have received widespread attention on social media, images of his spouse have yet to circulate widely. I was instructed not to shoot

The wedding bells are all set to chime for Pakistan’s vice-captain Shadav Khan.

Rumor has it that Bharat and Walima’s ceremony will be held in Islamabad on February 9 and 10 as fans eagerly await photos from the upcoming event.

Amid speculation, digital invitations were posted online showing the couple’s names and families.

The wedding of brilliant cricketer Shadab Khan has begun in his ancestral city. He is married to his Saqlain Mushtaq daughter and Nikah is already solemn between the two of him at an intimate family event. A mehndi event was held today. Although it was a close family affair, Hassan Ali’s wife Samiya Khan was invited to the wedding, Hassan Ali is his Shadab Khan’s best friend and they share a great friendship. Well, Samiyah Khan admitted in her post that she is more excited than Sahadab Khan and his family.

Hassan Ali’s wife shared some great photos and a beautiful Instagram reel from the mehndi event. She posted a beautiful video while putting a mehndi on Shadav Khan’s hand She also posted a photo with her daughter and Shadav Khan’s family Samiya Khan looks gorgeous I saw. Here we have collected some images from her Instagram account. Please have a look at the photo:

Watch the video she shared from Mehndi.

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