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Bermuda needs NFT and blockchain policies, says entrepreneur – The Royal Gazette

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Updated: Oct 31, 2022 07:41

Panelist Chris Christmas (left) uses panelist Callie Luna’s sneakers to illustrate her points at the Bermuda Tech Summit 2022 (photo by Jesse Moniz Hardy)

Bermuda has the potential to become a leader in the blockchain industry, but first the island needs progressive and meaningful policies, according to one newly-founded tech entrepreneur in Bermuda.

Chris Christmas, Founder of Bloktime said: official gazette It’s not a lack of specific policy, it’s a lack of policy in general.

“I am going to sit down with the Bermuda Monetary Authority to discuss how we can draft policy and how we can be more forward-thinking so that more companies invest in this market. “I have about five or six patents on this platform, so they are considering it.”

Bloktime uses non-fungible tokens to help brands authenticate their products and increase revenue over multiple cycles.

speak on panel Conversation about NFTs at At the Bermuda Tech Summit 2022, Christmas said blockchain and web3 are so new that Bermuda can lead innovation.

“We can introduce new methods of policy and financing,” he said. “There are also insurance companies that are part of it. If you understand the power of blockchain and its impact on the world, this country could lead it. it won’t work.

“Technology is great for us, it’s not a limitation. It allows us to do more. And we have to see today’s youth as an asset.”

Karlie Luna of Bermuda, graphic designer and founder of Hai Tyde, was also a panelist. Hai Tyde helps artists and businesses to incorporate her NFT components into their product and project launches.

“Bermuda needs more education about NFTs,” she said.

this week she organized What are NFTs? A workshop designed to educate the community about NFTs.

“Even when we tried to do the event, it took almost a year to complete because people didn’t fully understand it,” she said. , considering from a year ago, it’s moving so fast.Later today What NFTs, will teach you what an NFT is and what a wallet is. “

Smith-Bean Co managing director and moderator Simone Smith-Bean said that when NFTs first hit the market, people were baffled by how much money they were spending on GIFs and photos.

“It’s changed a lot over the years,” Smithbeane said. “NFTs are being used in so many ways today.”

Mr Christmas said: “I think the wording should be changed so that people understand that certificates are digital certificates that have some unique characteristics and allow for open transparency.”

Luna said many young people already understand the concepts related to NFTs and blockchain.

“It’s actually older people like me who struggle with this concept,” she admitted. did.

According to Christmas, one of the problems is that many of today’s programmers are not trained in Solidity, one of Ethereum’s most popular programming languages.

“You cannot move into the future without learning how to program Ethereum,” he said. “So today we need to transition our education system to blockchain programmers and young people to his 3D and graphic design and animation. will be able to.”

The three-day Tech Summit 2022 concludes today. It is presented by the Bermuda Business Development Authority in partnership with the government’s Economic Development Authority and NEXT Bermuda, a fintech trade association.

For more information, visit www.bda.bm/events/bermuda-tech-summit-2022.

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