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Billionaire Koch’s donor network says it opposes Trump’s re-election

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A network of US donors, led by billionaire businessman Charles Koch, has rallied Donald to secure the 2024 Republican presidential nomination in a recent rift between wealthy conservative patrons and the former president.・It has suggested that it opposes Trump’s bid.

“The best thing for this country is to have a president to represent a new chapter in 2025,” Emily Seidel, chief executive of the network’s political campaign group Americans for Prosperity, said on Sunday. In a statement posted online, she added that the group supports candidates “who can win” the presidential primary.

In announcing AFP’s intention to engage in more primaries, Seidel said the Republican Party “is nominating bad candidates who claim to go against American principles. And the American people are rejecting them.” That left Democrats free to respond with “more extreme policies,” Seidel said.

Trump officially inaugurated His third bid for the White House Just one week after last November’s midterm elections, he endorsed a short-running race to the top and bottom of the ballot despite being a Republican candidate.

So far, Trump is the only candidate to announce a bid for the Republican nomination.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis faced Throwing hats in the ring is getting louder After being re-elected as Florida governor by a nearly 20-point margin in last November’s midterm elections, he has so far avoided questions about 2024, and will be the next candidate in Florida, which ends in May. He said he was concentrating on the legislative session of

A YouGov poll conducted after the November election found that 42% of Americans who identified as Republicans or leaned toward the Republican Party compared with 35% who said they preferred Trump. said he would prefer to see DeSantis as the party’s candidate for 2024.

Nikki Haley, Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations and an admired figure in Republican circles, said she would not challenge the former president, but told Fox News late last month that she was “inclined to bid for 2024.” I am doing,” he said.

The Koch Network has sided with Club for Growth, a conservative low-tax group that once backed Trump, as well as hedge fund executive Kenneth Griffin and Blackstone CEO who oppose Trump’s current campaign. Join prominent Republican donors like Stephen Schwartzman, who is

In a public memo, AFP said it was involved in 22 primaries at the federal level last year and nearly 200 more at the state level, winning 80% of the races involved.

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