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Blockchain.com Visa Card, Powered by Marqeta, Debuts with 50,000 Sign-Ups at Launch

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Built on Marqeta’s open API, the debit card will be available to Blockchain.com’s US customers without fees and 1% back. cipher

Las Vegas, October 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today Blockchain.comOne of the world’s most trusted and popular platforms for buying, selling and trading cipherhas announced the debut of the highly anticipated Blockchain.com Visa® Card, with a waiting list of 50,000 sign-ups already open.Initially available to US residents, users can cipher Or cash in your Blockchain.com wallet without fees and get 1% back. cipher Visa debit cards are accepted everywhere.

The Blockchain.com Visa card allows users to cipher Offers the opportunity to grow your balance and earn money with no fees cipher Reward. Visa (NYSE: ) Payment Networks and Marketa (NASDAQ: MQ), the latest card issuing platform Blockchain.com Visa card also offers no signup, card issuance or annual fee.

“As one cipher We are excited to deploy a natural next step in building the industry’s oldest and most trusted platform. cipher It’s easy to use in the real world and accessible to as many people as possible.” peter smith, CEO and co-founder of Blockchain.com. “This is a prime example of how digital assets have left their mark on the existing financial services industry in shaping the future of (mainstream) finance.”

Marqeta’s 2022 State of Money Movement study Revealed that 38% of US consumers surveyed said they own one Cryptocurrencyhighlighting the growing need to enable cipher Use in everyday scenarios. almost all (93%) of Cryptocurrency Surveyed owners say they hold it like an asset, but there is a huge demand for consumers to use it more as a currency of exchange, with 4 of consumers surveyed worldwide More than 3 in 1 (82%) Cryptocurrency The exchange provided them with a debit card that they could use Cryptocurrency for everyday shopping.

“At Visa, we believe that: cipher Easy acceptance everywhere is important for increased adoption. ” Qui Sheffieldthe head of Crypto with a visa. “We are delighted to be partnering with a major company. cipher Using wallets and exchanges like Blockchain.com, consumers can cipher for everyday shopping. “

Marqeta’s industry-leading just-in-time funding capabilities allow Blockchain.com users to spend from available funds. cipher Balance and seamlessly settle transactions in fiat currency. All Blockchain.com Visa cards are linked to a verified Blockchain.com wallet account. Customer cipher or a balance required to pay for online and physical goods and services at all U.S. merchants that accept Visa debit cards.

“Blockchain.com is the most dynamic cipher There is a huge DNA fit in this new partnership with companies on the market today.” Simon Calaf, Chief Product Officer of Marqeta. “Blockchain.com has built a large user base. Cryptocurrency Purse at the point of sale using the magic of just-in-time fundraising. Blockchain.com’s new Visa card is a textbook example of the potential of Marqeta’s technology and we look forward to building such an innovative product together. cipher It will evolve over the next few years. “

Starting today, all US customers can join the 50,000 already on the waiting list (Blockchain.com/card). After the U.S. rollout, the card will be available to customers in more countries after 2023.

Blockchain.com has over 80 million customers in over 200 countries. cipher Powerful wallets, lightning-fast exchanges, data-rich explorers, and easy-to-use bespoke institutional businesses.We have a trading record of more than $1.2 trillion platform to date.

About Blockchain.com

Blockchain.com is connecting the world to the future of finance.The Most Trusted, Fastest Growing Global cipher The company helps millions of people around the world gain secure access CryptocurrencyVenture-backed since 2014, Blockchain.com is the last $14 billion. visit Blockchain.com Follow us on Twitter for more information @Blockchainon Instagram @blockchain officialcheck out Blockchain.com Podcastand read us blog For the latest company news.

About Marketa

Marqeta’s state-of-the-art card issuing platform enables customers to create customized and innovative payment cards. Powered by open APIs, Marketa’s platform empowers customers to build more configurable and flexible payment experiences, accelerates product development and democratizes access to card issuance technology. Its modern architecture provides instant access to a highly scalable cloud-based payment infrastructure, enabling customers to launch and manage their own card programs, issue cards, authorize and settle transactions. increase.Marketa is headquartered in oakland, california Enabled in 39 countries worldwide. For more information, see: www.marqeta.com, twitter When LinkedIn.

About visa

Visa (NYSE: ) is a global leader in digital payments, facilitating transactions between consumers, merchants, financial institutions and government agencies in over 200 countries and territories. Our mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, convenient, reliable and secure payment network, enabling individuals, businesses and economies to thrive. We believe that an inclusive economy will improve everyone, everywhere, and see access as the foundation of future money movements.Click here for details Visa.com.

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