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Blockchain Games May Have a Major Impact By DailyCoin

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© Reuters Apple sets new rules for App Store: Blockchain games could have a big impact
  • Apple (NASDAQ:) continues its trend of locking down its ecosystem, centralizing GameFi and NFTs.
  • Developers can now implement cryptocurrencies and NFTs into their GameFi projects, but with severe restrictions.
  • All secondary NFT functionality must be disabled and all purchases must be made through the Apple Store. However, a 30% fee will be charged.

Apple publishes numerous changes to App Store review guidelines based on October 24, 2022 update report on how apps offering cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) work provided some insight into

GameFi developers finally shed light on how the App Store views cryptocurrencies

Apple has released App Store Review Guidelines 3.11. This is intended to show developers what the store can and cannot do when using crypto-related products and services.

Developers can now sell NFTs using in-app purchases and offer NFT services such as mints, listings, and transfers.

However, sales and purchases are still subject to Apple Tax, with Apple receiving a 30% reduction on each purchase. Earlier, DailyCoin covered up its anger after Apple charged his 30% commission on the sale of his NFTs.

Games may not use other purchasing methods that redirect the user to another website or app. In-game premium NFT features can only be unlocked through in-app purchases, not while using the NFT directly.

This means that anyone trying to compete with Apple on primary or secondary NFT purchases is excluded.

Apps and games that feature blockchain technology cannot use their own mechanisms to unlock content or features. Updated terms refer to license keys, augmented reality markers, QR codes, cryptocurrencies, and wallets. Apple must be able to control and track the purchases made, and inherently profit from it.

However, collectors who wish to exhibit their collections need not worry too much, as their NFT collections can be exhibited and viewed by others. It assumes that it does not contain a button, external link, or other type of call to action.

Assuming the app is only offered within the countries and regions of the world that have the proper licenses and permits to offer their services, licensed exchanges can still facilitate the sending of crypto, It makes the sale of listed GameFi-related tokens much more convenient.

why you should care

  • Apple is involved in cryptocurrencies and aims to capture share in an otherwise decentralized marketplace, leveraging customer information to track purchases made in stores and money transfers.
  • The guidelines are contrary to the decentralized potential of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, as they can enter a centralized platform controlled by a central authority and be tracked and deleted at any time, and are subject to censorship. and the banning of certain features.

why you should care

Apple’s App Store is one of the most popular virtual stores in the world. The GameFi project and the addition of NFTs will allow more people to access this part of the crypto space than ever before, and the project may also grow in popularity as a result of the update.

However, NFT and GameFi projects suffer from many limitations. Because they’re all subject to the 30% Apple Tax, and all their payment-related features and functionality are locked behind the App Store paywall. in the store. Apple is centralizing his NFT and GameFi projects, creating barriers for developers that didn’t exist before within the decentralized space.

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