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Blockchain Software Dev Firm Secures $3.9M To Build DWallet Apps

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funis a blockchain software development company that builds applications that leverage Dynamic Decentralized Wallet (dWallet) technology and has raised $3.9 million in a pre-seed funding round led by JAM Fund, with SOMA Capital, NOMO Ventures and Great Oaks Venture participated.” capital, and prominent early-stage technology investor Corey Levy.

CEO led Alex FineWhen Mario Baxter — CTO and former machine learning engineer at Meta — A team of software engineers and technologists at Fun “will use the raised funds to build on top of the Odsy Network, a secure, programmable, distributed access control layer for the entire Web3. We build a suite of products and applications.”

In this sense, Fun means ” Consensisproduct studios like leveraging dWallet primitives powered by odzy network, to develop more dynamic, secure and expressive wallet and access control applications. ”

Fun said, “We are excited to build applications on the Odsy Network alongside dWallet Labs, a cybersecurity and blockchain company that recently raised $5 million in a pre-seed funding round led by Digital Currency Group and Node Capital. It’s the second company backed by a specialized VC.”

As the update points out, today’s cryptocurrency wallets are “essentially static as users are restricted to alternatives in terms of storage and access control.” You can either “completely manage your private keys and digital assets or relinquish this control to a central provider.”

Centralized custody services “can provide great flexibility and convenience, but users may lose their funds completely due to the negligence or bankruptcy of service providers. For example, the 4.7 billion Dollar customer deposits, etc.”

Alex Fine, co-founder and CEO of Fun, said: Fine said:

“Current generation wallets are inflexible, static, and unable to comprehensively respond to user wants and needs. We believe it will come from existing users and developers who will ultimately have a more usable, dynamic, and secure alternative to centralized administrators.”

Alex added:

“It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Odsy Network provides the most compelling infrastructure for solving wallet usability problems. We are pleased to build an access control solution with

To address the current limitations in Web3 administration and access control, the Odsy Network team developed a new primitive of dynamic and transferable wallets called dWallets, which allow users to implement fine-grained access control policies. set up and fully interact with dApps across most major blockchain ecosystems, in a way that was not possible before.”

Projects can build and use dWallet to provide programmable access to other blockchains, giving users the flexibility of a centralized solution without sacrificing security or decentralization. “

This “opens the door to new possibilities, such as fine-grained access sharing, wallet transferability, multi-chain DAOs, and interoperable infrastructure for DeFi applications.”

Alex, Mario, and the rest of the Fun team are working on “building a series of products and applications using the dWallet primitives. It includes a product infrastructure that helps you take advantage of new possibilities: access control is introduced to Web3.”

As stated in the announcement, Fun is “a blockchain software development company that builds cross-chain wallet infrastructure, working with Odsy Network to provide developers with a new wallet API and basic components of the protocol, enabling seamless We offer a whimsical experience, our customers.”

Fun’s infrastructure “helps eliminate the risks associated with centralized custodians when accessing Web3’s cross-chain assets and core Web 2.0 functionality.” In our common pursuit of promoting social freedom, we can provide safe and user-friendly products.

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