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Busan collaborates with Crypto.com and Gate.io to advance blockchain aspirations

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south korea city Busan has signed business agreements with two international cryptocurrency exchanges. crypto dot com When Gate.ioto grow the blockchain ecosystem.

The development highlights one of Busan’s many efforts to embrace blockchain and enable efforts within the region.

As revealed, both Crypto.com and Gate.io will set up regional offices in the city. Their presence will help Busan provide technical and infrastructure support for the establishment of its first city-backed cryptocurrency exchange.

further away, As part of the agreement, Crypto.com will work to grow local blockchain startups. Additionally, Gate.io annually trains local experts on blockchain and other related topics.

Officials from the two cryptocurrency exchanges will also attend Blockchain Week (BWB) in Busan. The event will feature keynotes from prominent figures in the cryptocurrency space. In addition, BWB will host more than 300 booths of blockchain technology companies, as it was revealed that the event will run from October 27th to October 29th.

Busan’s flexibility with blockchain has facilitated partnerships with various cryptocurrency exchanges in the past. Crypto.com and Gate.io are binance, Huobi GlobalWhen FTX It is on the list of cryptocurrency exchanges affiliated with Busan.

Busan’s Efforts to Become Asia’s Blockchain Hub

Busan has been designated since 2019. “Special Blockchain Regulation Free Zone”. This status has helped blockchain developers design their projects and pitch their ideas to the city government. All of this comes as the city of Busan strives to establish itself as a blockchain technology hub in South Korea.

With Busan gradually gaining attention, the whole of Asia is establishing itself as a good region for cryptocurrency investment. in much the same way, dubai It has also recently embraced blockchain innovation as it has contributed significantly to the advancement of blockchain technology in Middle East Asia.

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