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Carbon Offsetting for Blockchains & Beyond: Regen Network Launches Carbon Marketplace

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California, USA, October 26, 2022 by Chainwire

Regen Network Development has released a tokenized carbon and ecosystem assets marketplace application. Regen MarketplaceThe Regen Network will enable carbon project developers to launch high-quality, nature-based carbon credits into the marketplace to catalyze regenerative financial solutions to the climate crisis. Regen Marketplace make use of regeneration leisure, An application-specific blockchain that brings transparency and public governance to voluntary carbon markets. Cosmos SDK.

Regen Marketplace A blockchain platform for the origination, governance, and exchange of tokenized ecosystem assets.climate impact projects Definition, Management, Foundry, and Sales Tokenized carbon and other ecological assets in a blockchain-based registration system.

use Regen Marketplaceblockchains and validators striving to meet their climate commitments Purchase, transfer, retire, bundle It uses tokenized carbon on the blockchain for carbon offset purposes, effectively removing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Blockchain dApps are encouraged to export tokenized carbon for DeFi or consumer climate impact apps.

In addition to launching a marketplace, Regen Network will bring Nature Carbon Ton to interchain economy. NCT first IBCs– compatible carbon token interchain economy until soon to be released Regen Ledger to Polygon Bridgejointly implemented with Regen Network Development Toucan protocol. This will enable the activation of the Cosmos ZERO campaign, a climate impact initiative to make the Cosmos ecosystem blockchain carbon neutral. The campaign will see the Cosmos-based protocol identify its carbon footprint, utilize protocol governance to become carbon neutral, and generate Nature Carbon Ton from the $NCT:$REGEN pool launched on the Osmosis decentralized exchange. Buy and exchange NCT for ecocredits. Retire them in Regen Ledger for carbon offset claims.

Since 2020, Regen Network Development has partnered with blockchain protocols to achieve verifiable carbon neutrality. Penetration, stargazeWhen Chekdo, will dispose of more than 10,000 tons of carbon. In doing so, participants will be able to send personalized messages about their climate impact as tokenized carbon is decommissioned and commemorated on the blockchain.

The CosmosZERO campaign aims to catalyze carbon offsetting of protocols and validators within the Cosmos-based ecosystem to reach the goal of net zero carbon emissions on the blockchain.

Gregory LanduaThe CEO of Regen Network Development said: Regen Marketplace is a historic milestone in global efforts to address the climate crisis. Bringing more nature-based credits to a market starved for supply of high-quality carbon credits will help scale up global efforts to reverse climate change. The underlying characteristics of this disruptive new market are important. An open-source tech stack designed to rapidly scale and decentralize radical transparency, community governance, and the global movement to reverse climate change. Regen Network is a neutral and sovereign app chain that addresses the growing climate impact movement’s demands and markets for nature-based carbon and ecosystem assets. ”

A strategic launch partnership between Regen Network and City Forest Credits Registry (CFC) will tokenize the 2021 City Forest Credits portfolio and Regen Marketplace.

CFC is a US national standard. carbon emission reduction Through carbon removal through urban forest conservation and urban canopy reforestation. Urban forestry projects featured in the Marketplace launch have a direct impact on 20 million Americans in urban communities, represent all identified urban forest carbon across the United States, and are among the largest cities in history. Forest carbon placement and the first blockchain-based urban forestry. portfolio.

As Regen Network onboards more partners to join its growing ecosystem of climate impact champions, Moss Earth, open earth foundation, earth bank, ERA Brazil, shamba protocolWhen Terra Genesis Internationalthe protocol hopes to gain mainstream participation in the end-to-end lifecycle of seamlessly designing, tokenizing, and purchasing carbon credits to retire them for climate change impacts. 20+ partners We are currently designing a new environmental asset Regen Marketplace, giving consumers access to a climate-friendly economic system. In 2020, Regen Network sold and retired over 120,000 of his carbon plus grassland credit to microsoft for that reason moon shot goal on the Regen Network blockchain.

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For more information, please visit www.regen.network.

Regen CEO Gregory Landua available for interview

About ReGen Network

playback network is an application-specific blockchain designed to meet the demands of the growing climate impact movement and the market for nature-based carbon and ecosystem assets. The Regen Network’s blockchain infrastructure will bring high-quality, nature-based, tokenized carbon to market and catalyze regenerative financial solutions to the climate crisis.

About Regen Network Development, Inc.

Regen Network Development, Inc. is a blockchain software development company focused on building applications for ecosystem regeneration on the Regen Network blockchain. RND, Inc. Cosmos SDK Software stack for 2019 and beyond.

RND Inc. is responsible for the largest Australia-based carbon credit purchase, the largest US-based urban forest carbon purchase, and the largest soil carbon credit purchase in history. RND Inc. carbon plus grassland Credit to Microsoft for that moon shot goal.

Click here for details https://regen.network, press kitand follow twitter.

Press Contact: David Fortson, david@loalabs.io

About the City’s Forest Bond Register

city ​​forest credit is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit carbon registry and maintains carbon and impact standards for metropolitan areas in the United States.


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