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Cardano NFT Column: Cardano Lands

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This week’s guest is Cardano NFT columns It is a project called You can recreate the DeFi model with NFTs and stake many Cardano NFT collections to earn HEXO tokens: Cardanoland.

last week’s guest was A project to build a trading card game (TCG) reminiscent of famous TCGs such as “Magic: The Gathering” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!”..

This initiative Cardano NFTs Invite someone every week or two to answer a few questions. Update directly from within the Cardano community.

Considering that many of our readers are new to the crypto space, we A combination of simple and technical questions.

Cardano NFT Project: Cardano Lands

Cardano NFT Project Cardano Lands brings utility to many NFT collections

I’m glad I came here. Please introduce your team. Where are you from and what is your background?

Hello and thanks for inviting me!

we A team of seven from Europe and Latin AmericaThe project’s core team has already Worked together in the IT field for 7 yearsStart with simple solutions for creating websites, e-commerce, fintech, ERP and games.

Ultimately, we landed on blockchain and chose Cardano.

What is Cardanoland? How do you integrate NFT and DeFi, and why did you choose this blockchain for your project?

Cardanoland is here Brings additional utility to existing NFTsWe invite all Cardano projects in various fields to participate Staking program get qualified and generate daily rewards!Holders can benefit from previously purchased and retained NFTs!

DeFi is a complete ecosystem of practical applications and protocols that deliver value to thousands of users. Recreate this model in Cardano Lands! Our staking program is just the beginning.Partially inherited metaverse mechanics and those RTS game mechanics.

Cardano is Scalability and securityCollaboration is very important in projects like the one we are building High transaction throughput and data scaleThe price of the transaction is also an important part.our Game released on October 12th is completely on-chain, Cardano small transaction fees.

Last but not least, how do we friendly and fun Community is here.We see how people are doing on our Discord every day help each other and build new relationships.

What are the benefits of other NFT collections using your platform? How does the staking process work?

Participating in the staking program and qualifying for Good push for forgotten or small collections, especially with a very low minimum charge.how we people Buy NFTs from 3rd marketplaces such as jpg.store to generate more daily rewards in Hexonium (HEXO)!

Hexonium (HEXO) is the key For all future content in the Cardano Land universe! It is also possible to exchange for muesli swapGood cashback for NFT if you don’t want to use Metalab.

HEXO is a reward token for staking Cardano NFTs on the platform

our The staking program is non-custodial – It means all your assets stay in walletand no one will ask you to send your NFTs anywhere. Automatically start staking NFTs From a qualified collection.

Simply put, each day you will receive a fixed amount of rewards calculated by a staking formula The more owners a collection has, the higher its mining power.

There is also another native token called EXO. What is the role of the token in the ecosystem and what is the future of the token and the project as a whole?

yes, EXO is our governance token You can cast from our website. There are currently 28 million tokens for sale, with more to come.

EXO is used for voting To determine which collections are eligible to generate rewards from staking.

there will be More utilities for EXO tokens in the futureYou have land, right? Lands is the beginning of RTS mechanics and will be available as an EXO-only mint in Q1 2023.

EXO is Cardanoland’s Governance Token

intend to do something EXO as the primary (payment) currency in the Cardano Lands Universe increase its value and maintain a healthy economy.

For complete tokenomics information about EXO, visit white paper.

One of your first gamification experiences is Metalab. what is that?

Metallab – Center of Cardano land universe and pla.A new FT is bornce.

this is The first and major utility of the HEXO tokenUsers can buy basic elements and mix and match them in different variations. invent new recipesand use your newly discovered resources to create the next tier of resources!

there is Four Purchasable Elements: Air, Earth, Water & Fire.

Resources are craftable FTs, created by combining elements in various proportionsHigh-level resources require not only combinations of elements, but also lower-level resources.

Metalab’s interface for the Cardano Lands universe

by inventing new recipes User gets Inventor statusInventor rewards refer to prizes that users receive during development. Successfully discover a new recipeThe first person to find the correct combination of elements/resources leading to a new recipe will be rewarded with the following:

  • Lottery ticket 10,000 ADA prize pool included in the inventor’s prize pool
  • 1000 $EXO tokens
  • mining tools – CNFT giving unique bonuses
  • The inventor’s wallet (stake address) is Immortalized with FT represents an invented element

An inventor’s prize pool is not the end goal.all resources are ours Upcoming game!

great contribution. Any final thoughts? Where can people learn more?

First of all, we want to Thank you to all partners who have joined our platform, especially those who have trusted us since the beginning.We believe that our project can help someone and bring people together.

If you are not yet familiar with our platform, please join us. discordour Our wonderful community will be happy to help!

Disclaimer: The opinions and views of those interviewed are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Cardano Foundation or the IOG. Furthermore, this content is for educational purposes and does not constitute financial advice.

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