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Charles Hoskinson Makes Cardano (ADA) Prediction, Says Ecosystem Will Become Network of Blockchains

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Cardano (ADA) Creator Charles Hoskinson makes long-term predictions about the future of Ethereum (ethereum) rival ecosystem.

In a new video update, Hoskinson says he believes criticisms of proof-of-stake blockchains like Cardano are often inaccurate.

Hoskinson To tell Anyone can buy a small computer such as Beelink GTR5 and become a Cardano Stake Pool Operator (SPO), or someone running a node that keeps the stake pool running.

This is one of the major differences between Bitcoin mining and Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. Seeing all these people in the bitcoin world saying “Proof of Stake is just a copy of the central bank”, ok, go to Amazon and buy an $800 computer and follow the tutorials and manuals After reading some, boom, I’m joining the system. Is it a copy of the global banking system? I don’t think you really understand how the global banking system works.

It costs a lot more to be a bitcoin miner and be competitive in that respect and actually make a profit to do something there. Sure you can buy miners, but ASICs are expensive and most successful people in that business are vertically integrated and could be spending hundreds of millions of dollars.

Here, with $1000 you’re in the game, and you’re in the game well. Make sure you have a high speed internet connection. That’s all. And it will grow and get better.

It’s really cool in that sense and I’m really excited to see where this future goes and what this future can do. “

Partly due to its accessibility to the masses, Hoskinson predicts that Cardano will eventually evolve into a large ecosystem of blockchains and sidechains running parallel to each other.

“Cardano will eventually become a network of blockchains, so if you think about the sidechain aspect, not just Cardano, there are dozens, possibly hundreds, of sidechains running in parallel, all peaceful. So it’s like “The Borg” moving around and absorbing technology, all sidechains are blockchain-to-blockchain partnerships. This type of hardware can do it all, this type of ecosystem can do it all. It’s very cool and the result of our hard work. “

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