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Claire’s Wants to Meet ‘Gen Zalpha’ in the Metaverse

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Claire’s Store launched a new digital world on Roblox called ShimmerVille to connect with the “Zalpha generation” of the metaverse.

This concept was developed in partnership with an interactive media and games company. wonderworks studio, Claire’s also has financial investments. “Our entry into Roblox, a platform built on inclusivity and immersion, and our investment in Wonder Works Studio reflects our belief in the integration of the physical and digital worlds and our continued It shows our commitment to innovation,” said CEO Ryan Bello. and Clare’s director.

Shimmerville avatar.

ShimmerVille is a unique digital franchise developed exclusively for Roblox. six interconnected destinations. Self-expression and personal style are central tenets of this space, allowing visitors to create their own personalized avatar and a variety of interactive “emotes” (expressive avatar animations accessible via chat commands) I can do it.

The ShimmerVille experience evolves over time, extending beyond the product and into the physical world through original content opportunities and Claire’s brand engagement. Visitors can dress up their avatar with jewelry and accessories that can also be purchased IRL at Claire’s store. Claire partners with like-minded brands to release limited-edition merchandise, one-of-a-kind pets, themed homes, and games. and activities.

After customizing their avatar and entering the virtual town, visitors can explore ShimmerVille destinations such as:

  • central park, Live events will be held in the park’s amphitheater.
  • Pet Park and Orb Store, a pet adoption center, and a play park where visitors can acquire playful and expressive pet companions.at launch 15 Pets have endless opportunities to accessorize.
  • Clare’s C Style Mall, Visitors can shop for trendy merchandise, home furnishings, beauty treatments, and rides.
  • Claire’s Cafe A digital snack shop and hangout spot.
  • bungalow valley, A place where players can build custom houses and claim rights.When
  • Galleriafeaturing an ever-changing schedule of events and partner experiences.

Shimmerville is powered by its own economy, allowing players to earn digital currency by spending time doing fun retail jobs, playing mini-games, or experiencing experiences. Experience earnings allow residents to invest in avatars and pet accessories. Build, decorate and personalize your home. Buy a vehicle to get around town. Get access to special events and partner experiences.

Kristin Patrick, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Claire’s, said in a statement: “Our consumers sit at the intersection of physical and digital spaces, and by leaving their mark on Roblox and bridging those worlds, we are creating a unique platform that drives community, brand love, and our business.” creating a phygital experience. We have always valued self-expression, but by reimagining how we innovate and evolve, we are celebrating our brand purpose in a whole new way. “

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