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Coca-Cola and Tencent Music’s TMELAND Create Metaverse Zone for Fans

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TMELAND, the first virtual social music platform under Tencent Music Entertainmentlaunched a new Metaverse zone for fans through a WeChat mini program in China during the Coca-Cola Fan Festival on October 24th.

Fans can switch between the two mini-programs at will, as well as create their own Coca-Cola virtual avatar. As digital residents of the Metaverse space, they can shop online, play lotteries and games, and take pictures with virtual celebrity avatars.

At this year’s Coca-Cola Fun Festival, users can earn points by purchasing Coke offline and scanning a QR code. Every user has a unique digital avatar and can earn more points by interacting with other users.

Built by TMELAND for the Coca-Cola Fan Festival, this metaverse zone showcases the many benefits of new marketing based on virtual communities. First of all, fans can log in through WeChat mini-programs and access the virtual space of various brands anytime, anywhere, thus breaking the time and space boundaries of traditional marketing. Second, the immersive digitization allows fans to stay in the virtual block for a long time. Third, the extension of marketing scenarios can increase the commercial value of sub-products.

Technically, Tencent High ability to develop music entertainment, Tencent‘s QQ and WeChat have many users. According to TMELAND’s plans, different levels of solutions, such as basic templates and customization, will be provided for customers to choose from in the future. This is useful for brands to choose template rooms for basic renovations with budget in mind.

In May, Adidas Originals teamed up with TMELAND to host the Metaverse Music Festival. TMELAND customized various forms of virtual outdoor advertising for the Adidas Originals brand, allowing attendees to redeem Ozworld sneakers after completing their regular activities.

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With further iterations of the technology, TMELAND’s mini-programs allow brands to update the video content played in the room, change the products displayed, and host launch events and concerts in their own virtual blocks to create their own metaverse. Ecology can be formed.

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