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Could cars of the future be designed in the metaverse?

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The future is here! NVIDIA says it has the technology to test and develop cars in a fully digital metaverse…

NVIDIA – a software and hardware company that provides processing power to New Volvo EX90 SUV – Say you have the technology to test and develop cars in the fully digital world that is the Metaverse. The dystopian future we’ve all feared is fast approaching! Run!

just kidding. But NVIDIA is notAnd so on, at the EX90 launch in Stockholm last week, TG asked Automotive Vice President Danny Shapiro (in the simplest terms possible) how this new digital technology could be applied to future cars. I heard.

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First question: what exactly teeth Metaverse? “Think of it like 3D and Google Docs fused together,” says Shapiro, and as an example he has us imagine the multitude of designers working on every detail of the EX90. “So basically everyone has access to the same virtual 3D world. [steering] Press the wheel and it will automatically appear in that 3D model.

“We may be in different parts of the world, using different applications, but we have a portal to a shared metaverse space.”

He said NVIDIA is also creating something called an “omniverse” that pools all sorts of programs like Photoshop and CAD tools in one place.

“But the nice thing is that the data is there. , plant This car comes in. Marketing departments can also create virtual showrooms to let consumers choose colors, seat materials, and more.

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“It can happen in this virtual space. It’s what we call the digital twin. It’s just It’s a digital replica of the physical car that ends up on the road. ”

head hurts? Stick with us, it gets a lot cooler. Another NVIDIA accomplishment is its “DRIVE Sim.” This simulation allows you to test autonomous driving and ADAS functions from the comfort of computer simulation.

If we need to test “Will this car detect a child running in front of it in the middle of the night?” Well, we’re not going to took Leave your child in front of the car at night! But this 3D simulated digital twin can be used to recreate situations too dangerous to be tested in the real world and generate sensor data that feeds into the car.

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“Computer Do not know Not while driving. It recognizes that it is on the road and is receiving the signal “There are lanes, there are other cars, there are streetlights…”. Test millions of scenarios in different weather conditions and different times of the day to ensure your vehicle is performing well. Safe to go on the road. ”

In summary… like this matrix, but for cars? “Hey, hey! It’s true,” agrees Shapiro. “That’s how people relate to it, and it starts to resemble video games. That’s our legacy.”

who else is wondering GTA6 May have more real-world relevance than expected when it goes on sale?

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