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Could you work in the metaverse soon? Founders of South Florida company think so

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Miami – Work life changes since the COVID-19 pandemic have made things easier: commute times, meetings, phone calls, training, and more.

But what if the next step in the evolution of work requires employees to dive into the metaverse?

The founder of a company in South Florida believes that you could be working in a digital environment in the future.

Based in Miami, Mytaverse virtualizes businesses or virtually extends enterprise operations.

“We want people to be able to use it on a daily basis and say, ‘Let’s go to the conference room and have a meeting,'” said founder Kenneth Landau. Even if you don’t have it, if you’re in the world, you can do it here.”

The company uses its platform to transform how businesses interact with customers and how employees interact with each other.

Landau founded the company in 2020 with Jaime Lopez.

“It’s named that way because we’re looking for ways to create our own metaverses that enterprise companies build,” says Landau. “We help them create their own metaverse so they can call it ‘my metaverse’. Hence the “mitaverse”.

Landau said two things are constant.

“First,[companies]don’t really know what the metaverse is and what it’s going to be,” he said. “Second, they know they have to be on board with it, and we’re bridging that gap.”

What makes Mytaverse unique compared to other metaverse examples is the use of gaming technology to create a more realistic environment.

The company is also a cloud-based company and has partnered with Amazon Web Services to power it. So all you need is an internet connection and a browser to access it. No headset or similar equipment required.

Simply create an account, customize your avatar and teleport to the digital world.

“This is intentional. Right now, anyone in the world is allowed to enter a metaverse that looks like their own company, their property within that metaverse, but using gaming technology to We make it easy to get in,” said Landau.

Whether in conference rooms, training simulations, or conventions, the platform allows companies to bring the metaverse to life by using standard Mytaverse models or working with them to bring their personalized assets into the digital space. You can build from scratch.

As an example, Landau walked a world created for one of his clients, PepsiCo.

He said there are up to 36 tables where people can have private conversations.

Another creation was a General Motors car showroom that allowed potential customers to see, change, and operate vehicle specifications without being in person.

According to Landau, the goal is not to replace face-to-face, but to complement what already exists, offering opportunities for people to connect in ways they couldn’t before, beyond standard Zoom calls and FaceTime. is.

“With immersive technology that makes you feel like you’re there, you’ll be able to interact with family, friends, loved ones, and even your co-workers,” says Landau. “We see a world where the Metaverse can help enhance these interactions in ways no other technology has been able to.”

Mytaverse’s plan is to continue developing and improving its technology to make it more realistic with more realistic avatars with realistic emotions and movements.

In addition to business ventures, the company says it is building potential opportunities in talent, brand engagement, and entertainment.

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