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Crypto NFT Today: The Latest News in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and NFTs: Oct. 26-Nov. 1, 2022

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welcome to another edition of Crypto NFTs Today!If you love cryptocurrencies, NFTs and emotional roller coaster rides, this is the place for you.

Are you ready for a crunch? let’s start.

Business Week Columnist Writes Definitive Crypto Essay

Popular Bloomberg financial columnist Matt Levine has written something of a cryptocurrency manifesto. The longtime financial chronicler published a 40,000-word article on all things cryptocurrency in Business Week on Monday.

In one of the worst recessions in the industry’s 14-year history, Levine celebrates the good, criticizes the bad, and hopes this new way of moving money and information has staying power. was hung.

For cryptocurrency historians, or new investors looking to learn the ropes in a relatively short period of time, our comprehensive definitive essays provide a wealth of background and context. (mostly) are written in plain English and provide a great entry point for new hires.

read article here.

UK vote to regulate crypto assets

UK lawmakers voted Tuesday to recognize crypto assets as regulated financial instruments and commodities. House adds crypto to list of assets under preview of proposed financial services and markets bill.

The bill’s broad goal is to design a post-Brexit economic strategy, with crypto embedded in a wide range of documents.

“The essence here is to treat them [crypto] Financial Services and City Minister Andrew Griffiths said in parliament before lawmakers cast a majority vote. Retain the proposed amendments in the legislative package.

Dogechain tripled in value in a week

DC’s Dogechain’s token tripled in value last week. This is not the first time memecoin has seen a surge in value, Dogechain community Members are currently voting on a “burnout” proposal that will decide whether to reduce the total token supply by 80% proportionally across all allocations.

DC was trading at $0.0004 on Friday but surged to $0.0018 on Sunday in percentage terms.

When Dogechain was created in August, it dropped 90% in its first month. Now much of that momentum has rekindled, with a market capitalization of him at $46 million.

Mobile game grabs $50 million in investment

The web3 games sector continues its mega-infusion. The latest is his $50 million investment commitment from GEM Digital Limited to Manc. Manc is a mobile game developer already he has released 3 mobile games and over 3 million downloads.

The Mancium token is Manc Games’ utility token and represents the next generation of public blockchain solutions. Mancium also powers the entire Manc ecosystem, with its utility ranging from its marketplace platform for in-app purchases, to special in-game events, to its ability to collect Manc Academy supplies.

Additionally, Mancium is a meta version of Manc Games with unique uses and features.

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