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Crypto Oasis joins Algorand’s “Decipher” conference as regional partner

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The Algorand Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping deliver on the promise of the leading carbon-negative layer 1 blockchain Algorand, partners with Crypto Oasis, the fastest growing cryptocurrency ecosystem Did.

Crypto Oasis will be the official regional partner of Decipher, Algorand’s flagship conference, taking place November 28-30 in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai.

Bringing builders, founders, investors and community members together to decipher Algorand’s future, the conference is a must-see for anyone interested in blockchain and Web3.

The event reflects the holistic development of the industry and brings together inspiring creators, seasoned technical professionals and seasoned professionals with traditional industry backgrounds.

The conference will feature over 120 speakers across 4 stages and 60 sessions. In addition to mentoring from blockchain leaders, participants will set up wallets, play and earn games, visit high-end art galleries curated by NFT, participate in workshops for developers and product leaders, and more. can do.

A special Women’s Breakfast Club event will be held on November 30th from 8:30 am to 10:00 am and is free and open to all Web3 women.

Crypto Oasis founder Ralf Glabischnig commented:

“Decipher brings the Web3 community together to create an enabling environment for those looking to build and scale projects in the blockchain space. As one of the first Layer 1 ecosystems to bring major conferences to Dubai, Algorand is built across the Middle East where Crypto Oasis exists to support. It’s a testament to the growth and relevance of our community, the synergies are self-evident, and we’re excited about all the possibilities for collaboration in the year ahead.”

The partnership with Crypto Oasis will allow Algorand to enter the regional blockchain ecosystem.

“We are delighted to be working with Crypto Oasis as a regional partner for Decipher, the annual Algorand Summit taking place November 28-30. Also recognized as an ecosystem artist for Oasis, we recently hired Rayan Khalil, our full-time community manager, who will be a point of contact focused on developing the Algorand ecosystem in the region. ,” said Jason Lee, Global Head of Community for the Algorand Foundation.

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