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Crypto to Explode – 4 in 10 Gen Z and Millennials Want to be Able to Invest Crypto in Their 401k Retirement Plans

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according to of Logica Research According to an online survey by Schwab Retirement Plan Services, 4 in 10 Gen Z and Millennials would like to invest in cryptocurrency in their 401k retirement plan. About 1,000 people responded to the survey between April 4, 2022 and his April 19th.

According to the study, Gen Z and millennial workers are more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies, pensions, real estate, and small businesses than 401k retirement plans. By comparison, the results for Generation X and Boomer were disappointing.

In the past, older workers believed a 401k was their only option for retirement. But times have changed. Generation Z and Generation Y workers are beginning to question traditional approaches to work as well as retirement.

Between pandemic, the priorities of most workers have changed, and many have changed careers. As a result, our financial goals have also changed. As time goes by, technology advances, and awareness grows, newer generations are becoming much more cautious when making financial decisions.

They realized they could meet their financial goals by diversifying their assets. As a result, the 401k retirement plan is slowly losing ground as the primary retirement savings tool.

The new generation prefers diverse options

With job changes during the pandemic, Gen Z and Gen Y employees are showing that there are other ways to save and invest money. They typically prefer different investment vehicles and options. About 4 in 10 millennial and Gen Z workers want to be able to choose cryptocurrency and annuities as investment options for their 401k, according to the survey.

Meanwhile, more than 7 in 10 young employees want their investments to reflect their personal values. When 61% of Gen X and Boomers said their first experience with investing was 401K, the proportion of Gen Y or millennials was relatively low at 54%.

The results are even worse for Gen Z, with only 37% of younger workers saying their first 401k was their 401k.

what that is of retirement schedule for of Next generation?

Many factors affect retirement savings, including rising costs and market volatility. However, Gen Z and millennials are more likely to mention unexpected expenses than older generations. The baby boomer and Generation X want to retire at he’s 64 and he’s 67, respectively.

However, Gen Z and Millennials want to retire at 60 and 62 respectively. In terms of retirement savings, Gen Z believes they will need about $1.4 million and Gen Y about $1.8 million.


The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, advanced social media, rising awareness, and changing career plans are all having a significant impact on the next generation’s financial goals.workers of Generation Z Millennials prefer more retirement investment options than Gen X and baby boomers. Schwab 401k findings show that newer generations want to take advantage of a wider range of retirement benefits than older generations.

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