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Data center for crypto-mining in Tazewell County

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Here’s a roundup of news briefs from around the Southwest and Southside.Please send yours to include as much as possible news@cardinalnews.org.

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The ribbon cutting was in celebration of the announcement that Blackstone Data Services, LLC will be based in Shelville at the Bluestone Business and Technology Park, bringing five new jobs and $18 million in private investment. Representatives of the company, Taswell County, the Taswell County IDA and VCEDA, along with District 9 Rep. Morgan Griffiths and Virginia Senator Travis Hackworth, attended Tuesday’s announcement. Behind it are his two data pods used for cryptocurrency mining. Provided by VCEDA.

Data center creating 5 jobs in Tazewell

The data center will be located in Taswell County and will create five jobs, according to a Virginia Coalfields Economic Development Authority release. Attracting data centers to house computer operations has long been an economic goal in Southwest Virginia. According to VCEDA, Blackstone Data Services will be his fourth data center located in the region. The total investment is USD 18 million.

According to the release, Blackstone is a data center hosting service and cryptocurrency mining business. The company provides data center hosting. Maintenance of servers and nodes and manufacturing of cryptocurrency mining container assets. Located in the Shell Building in Bluestone Business and Technology Park.

“We are delighted to welcome Blackstone Data Services to Bluestone Technology Park,” said Charlie Stacy, member of the Eastern District Supervisory Board, in a statement. “They will bring much-needed high-tech, diverse job opportunities to Taswell County and bring significant capital investment.”

“We built Bluestone for technology companies,” Taswell County Administrator Eric Young said in a statement. “Blackstone Data Services is our first tech tenant and a welcome addition to Bluestone.”

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Emergency training at Rocky Mount

An emergency training exercise will be held on Wednesday, October 26 from 4:30-6:00 pm at the Franklin County Health Department (365 Pell Avenue) in Rocky Mount. In drills, the sound of sirens, screams, or gunfire is commonly advised to be a rigorous part of the simulation to test agency crisis plans.

“This will be a very real exercise,” Janet Rose, public health emergency coordinator for the West Piedmont Health District, said in a statement.Emergency teams will use mannequins to treat injuries to practice Also, use the stretcher to load the mannequin into the on-site ambulance. Shots resembling actual gunfire may be heard from within the health department, but the public should be aware that “blanks” were used as part of the simulation and no projectiles were involved. .

This training will be conducted in partnership with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Rocky Mount Police, Rocky Mount Fire Department, Franklin County Public Safety Department, and the Virginia Department of Health. Members of the Smith Mountain Lake Pistol Shooting Association are also involved in this effort.

“With so many communities experiencing an increase in life-threatening incidents, it is essential to be prepared for unexpected and potentially harmful events. As we aim to effectively deal with threats that may arise within our own region, we gather a group of community partners to test our crisis plans.

Due to the expected number of emergency vehicles at the Franklin County Health Department between 4:30pm and 6:00pm, the public is asked to avoid this area to reduce congestion.

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Jason Arner. Courtesy of Museum of the Birthplace of Country Music.

Martin’s guitar archivist is next speaker at Birthplace of Country Music Museum

CF Martin & Co. Archivist and Museum Manager Jason Arner is the next speaker in the Birthplace of Country Music Museum speaker series. The event will be held online-only on November 8th at 7pm EDT and is free and open to the public. However, you will need to register online to join the conversation via Zoom. For more information, see: BirthplaceOfCountryMusic.org.

“Jason Arner is an authority on the origins of the Martin guitar and its expert craftsmanship,” said Dr. Rene Rogers, principal curator of the Birthplace of Country Music Museum in downtown Bristol, in a statement. increase.

Based in Nazareth, Pennsylvania and family owned since 1833, CF Martin & Co. is known worldwide for innovation in high quality, beautifully crafted musical instruments. Founder CF Martin revolutionized the way luthiers build guitars using a technique he invented known as his X-bracing. Decades later, Frank Henry Martin created the Dreadnought, considered by many to be the most important development in the evolution of the guitar.

Jason Ahner is a Pennsylvania native who has worked for CF Martin & Co. for over 10 years, serving as the company’s archivist since 2018 and managing the museum since 2019.

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Country Boys and Slate Mountain Ramblers Play Wytheville Jamboree

Wytheville Community College is sponsoring a free monthly Bluegrass and Old Time Jamboree featuring the Country Boys and the Slate Mountain Ramblers on Saturday, November 19, 2022. The Jamboree will be held at the WCC’s William F. Snyder Auditorium at 1000 East Main. Wytheville street,

The Country Boys have been performing traditional bluegrass and bluegrass gospel music in North Carolina and Virginia for over 40 years.

The Slate Mountain Ramblers are a family band from Airlie, North Carolina. The band has a tradition of winning at fiddler his conventions, performing for dances, shows, family and community gatherings, and benefits.

Music starts at 7pm. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. The event is free and open to the public. Donations are accepted to cover the band’s travel expenses.

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