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Superman #1 will be the first comic available for purchase from DC.

digital collectible comics

Today DC announced the next step in its digital expansion, DC Collectible Comics (DC3). DC Collectible Comics has weekly drops that can be purchased and resold at the following Fan Marketplaces: nft.dcuniverse.com It also features rare variant covers and grading that physical comic book collectors have enjoyed for years.

DC has partnered Palm NFT Studiois a leading blockchain technology company supporting the transition of home brands to web3. DC’s Digital Fun Marketplace Built by Palm NFT Studio and running on the Palm network – EVM is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain.

Additional information about this new project:

  • The first DC Collectible comic to be sold on the blockchain is Superman #1, which launches on October 27th for $9.99. Superman #1 drops are limited to version 3,000.

  • Each DC Collectible Comic has one of five levels of rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary) randomly selected at time of purchase.

  • DC Collectibles comics releases are a mix of old out-of-print comics (Legacy) or newer comics in print (Modern). New DC3s drop weekly, and digital collectors can buy and resell collectibles at . nft.dcuniverse.com.

BURBANK, Calif. (October 25, 2022) – Today DC announced the next step in its digital expansion, DC Collectible Comics (DC3). Weekly drops that can be bought and sold (subject to our terms and conditions) on nft.dcuniverse.com’s Fan Marketplace will include rare variants of his covers and grades that physical comic book collectors have enjoyed over the years. Superman #1 will be his first DC collectible comic to sell for $9.99 on the blockchain on October 27th.

DC Collectible Comics are released in two categories: Legacy and Modern. Legacy comics include classic comic releases that may have been out of print for years, while modern comics feature recent releases from DC’s extensive comic line-up.

DC Senior Vice President and General Manager Anne DePies said: “We want to build that aspect of community that everyone is proud of into the digital ecosystem and make collecting comics more available and accessible than ever before,” she said.

One of the most acclaimed comic books in the collection is Superman #1 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The first drop of DC Collectible Comics gives fans the chance to collect his one of the most popular comics digitally and will be limited to 3,000 editions.

Each DC Collectible Comic is randomly assigned one of 5 rarity tiers (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary) at the time of purchase. When purchasing from the Legacy Collection, the rarity level correlates with the digital wear found in the comic book. Common graded books may look faded and aged, but Legendary comics feature a more pristine look. DC Collectible Comics from the Modern Collection feature different variant covers for each rarity.

Josh Hackbarth, Head of NFT Commercial Development at Warner Bros. With the recent drop of Harley Quinn, we’re always looking for ways to embrace this new technology and give our fans a truly unique experience. We look forward to growing the community further with the addition of DC3. ”

Batman: Legacy Cowl #1 is one of the newest DC comics created with the help of the DC Bat Cowl community and is releasing today exclusively to Bat Cowl NFT owners. Batman: Legacy Cowl #1 is the story of the Cowl! Over the years, Batman has designed a variety of “specialist” Cowls (and other Batkits) for specific tasks. He keeps them all safe in the Batcave, but one is missing. Over the past few months, Bat Cowl owners have helped shape the comic’s Hows, Whats, and Whys through a series of polls to shape the storyline of Batman’s latest mystery.

Matt Mason, Chief Content Officer, Palm NFT Studio, said: How. “

Each DC Collectible comic is a complete comic and can be read at nft.dcuniverse.com when in a fan’s collection. His upcoming DC3 releases include Black Adam #1 by Christopher Priest & Rafa Sandoval and more. Price, quantity and rarity of each DC3 drop may vary.

About DC

DC, part of Warner Bros. Discovery, creates iconic characters and enduring stories and is one of the world’s largest publishers of comics and graphic novels. DC’s creative work is integrated into Warner Bros. Discovery’s Films, Television, Animation, Consumer Products, Home Entertainment, Games and Themed Experiences divisions, as well as DC’s storytelling and DC Universe endless digital comics subscriptions. The characters entertain audiences of all ages around the world. service. For more information, visit DC.com.

About Palm NFT Studios

Palm NFT Studio is a technology company that partners with leading artists, creators, IP owners and entertainment companies to redefine fan engagement using NFTs. To date, Palm NFT Studio has built ‘The Currency’ with Damien Hirst and his HENI, launched Pace Gallery’s metaverse platform Pace Verso, and launched his innovative NFT at Universal Music Group, Warner Bros. and DC. provided an experience. .

Palm NFT Studio is led by co-founder and CEO Dan Heyman, former General Manager of Protocols at ConsenSys. Investors include Microsoft’s venture fund M12, Griffin Gaming Partners, RRE, Third Kind Venture Capital, Sfermion, LAO, Warner Bros., SK Inc. and others. The founding team includes ConsenSys founder and Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin. David Heyman, film producer and owner of Heyday Films. and Joe Hage, founder of world-class art house HENI Group.

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