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DLTx and Blockchain Moon Business Combination

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Blockchain Moon Acquisition Corp. published a one-pager the evening of 27
October 2022 outlining its business combination with DLTx.

Investment Highlights:
- DLTx ASA ("DLTx") builds and invests in core infrastructure for Web 3
globally, including decentralized Cloud Computing, Green Bitcoin Mining,
decentralized Wireless Communication and Decentralized Data Relay Services;
- The mission of DLTx is to be a premier provider of Web 3 and decentralized
transaction infrastructure to the masses;
- Transaction empowers DLTx to scale infrastructure and go-to-market operations
enabling accelerated token production and commercial utility which are expected
to materially impact future cashflow and EBITDA;
- DLTx management will join and manage the business of the combined company; and
- Combined company expected to be listed on Nasdaq under the symbol "DLTX".
Transaction Highlights:
- Anticipated Equity ownership for DLTx Shareholders after the business
combination will be 70.68% assuming no additional BMAQ shares are redeemed;
-  Combined company has an implied initial enterprise value of approximately
$163.35 million;
-  DLTx Shareholders will receive approximately 10.6 million shares of the
combined company initially valued at $10/share;
-  DLTx is expected to provide over $2.81 million in cash to the business
combination. The parties also intend to source at least an additional $10
million in financing to be available at closing of the transaction, net of
transaction fees; and
-  Closing expected to occur during or prior to the second quarter of 2023.

Core Business Units:
- Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure: Filecoin (FIL) is the largest
decentralized cloud storage network in the world. Over 20,000 individual users
are now storing more than 50 million data objects on Filecoin.
- Data Security: Pocket Network (POKT) is built for Web3 by incentivizing a
network of RPC nodes to relay your data to any blockchain.
- Bitcoin/Digital Assets/Cryptocurrency (under development): "Green" mining
through utilization of wind, solar,nuclear, and hydro power. DLTx will target
power generation at 2-3 cents per kW/h, Pre-existing power delivery
infrastructure and 99.9% power uptime. Anticipated initial management target
power capacity of 19.8 MegaWatt's between two U.S. sites under development.
- Wireless (under development): Decentralized network solutions such as IoT
(Helium: HNT) and 5G infrastructure (Mobile: HMT). Infrastructure operations via
Decentralized wireless ("DeWi").

Please find the one-pager enclosed.

For further information, please contact:
Thomas Christensen, CEO, +47 922 55 444, ir@dltx.com

About DLTx | www.dltx.com
DLTx is a vertically integrated technology company expanding Web3 by deploying
blockchain infrastructure at scale across major global industries. We are
decentralists who believe in the new economy that's powered by cryptographic
digital assets. Our team has been at the forefront of developing and launching
10 of the most important protocols in the blockchain space including Ethereum,
developed the first blockchain investment fund in 2014, built out massive scale
mining infrastructure since 2015, and now operates the first publicly traded
company focused on powering Web3.

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