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DualPower™ NFT MF Husain fine art mint by LNMH

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Wilmington, Dell., October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recognized around the world and exhibited in many of the world’s major museums is Indian and Qatari artist MF Hussein.The iconic artist was called ‘Picasso’s Picasso’ IndiaBecause Picasso and MF Hussein exhibited together BrazilHussein has an important body of work, a very long and strong auction history at Sotheby’s and Christie’s, and a place on the international norms.

Today, rare art collectors and enthusiasts are looking for great fun. dual power™ NFT will drop as 3333 NFT Mint of the artist’s most iconic horse. ethereum blockchain.

The artwork called ‘Form Follows Function’, DualPower features the iconic horse on the back of the car and comes in a variety of features and colors. This work by MF Husain has never been released in print or in digital derivative form. NFTs are published on his OpenSea after being randomly distributed by a website. This drop is his second drop after #DualFacedNFT by LNMH’s innovative brains.

Ideas for creating NFTs Dual Power NFT Happened after noticing the first free NFT drop both sides MF Husain’s artwork September 7, 2022, was a huge success. In just 19 minutes he had all 10,000 minted. Like MF Husain, who used new technology to bring art to the masses, we want to bring affordable art to the masses with these DualPower NFTs. Kent ChalgandraManaging Member of LNMH and Tamarind Art, one of the largest independent collectors and IP/rights owners of MF Husayn’s influential works.

Horse NFT Drops “FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION” DualPower branded drops are a unique opportunity for fine art collectors to acquire these rare Hussein derivative NFT works in a variety of colors and features.100% of NFTs are Opensea Publishes 24 hours after it is created.This NFT drop is tamarind artLNMH, lava. lava We provided all the digital rendering and creative services required for this drop.

mint schedule November 22, 2022, with the allow list modifier for the premint. Joining the DualPower.io allowlist is easy. Official website Fill out the form. There are some simple rules to follow when entering the AllowList.

“We want the millions of people who know his work to be able to participate in ways they never could, and we want to showcase his talent to millions more people.” I’m thinking.” This is just the beginning.

For drops and other details,
Visit our website at www.dualpower.io
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dualpowernft
twitter: https://twitter.com/dualpowernft


LNMH is a producer of Fine Art NFT, Metaverse and Web3 related technologies for artists, galleries and global brands. LNMH also collaborates with other parties as needed on IP licensing and other digital IT services.

About Tamarind Art Gallery

Tamarind Art is a collector, publisher, gallery and copyright/IP holder of MF Husayn’s own work and one of the world’s largest collectors of MF Husayn’s artwork.Contact us for more information https://tamarindart.com


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