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Dvision Network Announces 4th LAND Sale Together with Binance NFT & GameFi.org

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KAMANA BAY, Grand Cayman–(Newsfile Corp. – Oct. 28, 2022)–Dvision Network, one of the veterans of the metaverse space, said: announced The long-awaited 4th LAND sale launched in collaboration with market leaders on October 28th at 6pm (KST) Binance NFT When GameFi.orgSales will take place simultaneously on the above marketplaces and Dvision Network’s native marketplaces, making it easy for Dvision LAND collectors to join a variety of chains and platforms.

Dvision Network Announces 4th Annual LAND Sale

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Binance NFT recently revealed an NFT sneak peek on its new LAND sale. According to this, the Dvision Network LAND Mystery Box Collection contains his LAND lots of 14 different parcel sizes and locations. Also, the luckiest NFT holders will receive a premium. This refers to the most luxurious 3×3 LAND lots in Amsterdam or Hong Kong Metacity.

Additionally, MetaCity’s virtual parcels in Hong Kong and Amsterdam are customizable, allowing users to rent out virtual properties and advertise in their respective regions to generate passive income.

As mentioned above, all users have 3 options to participate in the 4th LAND sale.They can buy mystery boxes at Department Marketplace You can also use BNB chain based DVI tokens or buy land with BUSD (BNB chain) on GameFi.org and Binance NFT marketplace.

There will be 1,588 LAND lots (2,501 PARCEL) in Hong Kong City and 1,496 LAND lots (2,285 PARCEL) in Amsterdam in three marketplaces. Additionally, each Mystery Box contains a chance to win a full-spec HIS LAND in Hong Kong or Amsterdam, ranging in premium from 1×1 to 3×3.

Details of the sale include GameFi holding 920 units, Binance NFT holding 1,538 units and Dvision Network holding 626 units. Users are limited to the number of 20 boxes per wallet and the time limit is after the aforementioned October 28. Again, anyone can participate through his three marketplaces.

Dvision Network Announces 4th Annual LAND Sale

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Transactions must be in DVI tokens

Since Mystery Box is based on the BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain) BEP-721 standard, all transactions on the Dvision marketplace must be traded in BEP-20 based DVI tokens. DVI tokens under BEP-20 are available on PancakeSwap, Gate.io, and MEXC exchanges. ERC-20 based DVI tokens purchased via Bithumb and Coinone can also be converted to BEP-20 via the website bridge. To further simplify the whole process, Dvision Network has posted a helpful article. step by step guide To help you participate in sales.

About Binance NFT

Binance NFT is an NFT marketplace launched by Binance on the BNB chain. Binance NFT BNB provides liquidity to the chain-based NFT ecosystem. Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is also a platform that uses fresh and innovative approaches to revitalize the entire NFT ecosystem.

About GameFi.org

GameFi is a one-stop blockchain P2E (Play-to-Earn) game hub, providing game finance services for both game studios and players, traders and investors. GameFi is therefore best understood as a platform with promising P2E blockchain games built on the BSC and Polygon networks. An industry first, the NFT Marketplace is now available to facilitate the trading of NFT game items within the GameFi platform.

About department networks

departmental network is the world’s most advanced blockchain-based NFT, leveraging its proprietary VR (virtual reality) technology to rapidly establish a cutting-edge Metaverse ecosystem and lower the barrier of entry for all types of users worldwide. It aims to become a metaverse platform. As a result, designers, businesses, and consumers can immerse themselves in the most advanced and memorable Metaverse experiences.

Dvision introduced the concept of “Metacity” as a core part of the Metaverse. Metacity brings together a number of Metaspaces (LANDs) that build in-game content that users consume at scale. Meta-Space is his rare NFT item representing the digital portion of real estate available on Dvision. Additionally, Dvision Network has conducted his 3 LAND sales so far, giving his LAND NFTs to over 15,000 users. This collection includes his LAND NFTs from Amsterdam and Hong Kong’s Metacity.

For more information and regular updates, please visit the official website and twitter, telegram When Moderate channel.

Real name: Bobrujon Muidinov
Email: official@dvision.network
Company: MVBR Software Co., Ltd.
Address: 10 Market Street, Suite 140, Camana Bay, Grand Cayman KY1-9006

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