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dxFeed Launched Bixie Index, a USDX Crypto-Twin, to Measure the Value of Bitcoin

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New York, NY, USA – October 25, 2022 (PR Distribution™) –

dxFeed is the leading data solutions and index management provider for the global financial industry, both traditional and cryptocurrencies, dxFeed Bixie Index (“BXY”) measures the value of Bitcoin against a basket of selected cryptocurrencies.index is dxFeed methodologyThe launch comes as part of the company’s plans to expand its index product list in the near future.

As dxFeed announced Earlier this year we started a series of research projects and this year we launched an index. The first is the dxFeed Bixie Index, the cryptocurrency twin of the US Dollar Index (“USDX”). Bixie measures the value of Bitcoin against a basket of over 100 selected cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s value (expressed as a percentage) is measured against other cryptocurrencies in proportion to its importance in the crypto ecosystem, as indicated by its actual trading volume.

Bixie is a step away from dollar-centric valuations of crypto assets. It strives to provide Bitcoin value estimates only with respect to other cryptocurrencies.dxFeed leverages its access to large amounts of market data to derive accurate parameter estimates.

dxFeed started its index management business by creating an index. micro exchange, miami exchange, and Susquehanna International in 2020. We always do our own research. This allows you to create your own methodology for calculating the index. dxFeed also supports a large number of historical data to provide accurate estimates of exponential parameters.” Oleg SolodukhinCEO of dxFeed.

The company plans to launch its second index next month, the dxFeed Honest Gold Index.

About dxFeed
dxFeed is a major Market data and service providers When Calculation agent For the capital markets industry. This is the most innovative market data project, according to the WatersTechnology 2022 IMD & IRD Awards honors. dxFeed is primarily focused on providing financial information and services to buy-side and sell-side institutions in both traditional and cryptocurrency global markets. This includes brokerage firms, prop traders, exchanges, individuals (traders, quants, portfolio managers) and academia (educational institutions and researchers).

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