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Elon Musk Announces Twitter Moderation Council Amidst NFT Move By CoinEdition

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© Reuters Elon Musk announces Twitter Moderation Council amid NFT move
  • Elon Musk has announced the creation of the Twitter Content Moderation Council.
  • Binance has pledged to help Twitter fight bots using blockchain technology.
  • Twitter Allows Buying NFTs With Tweets

On Friday, Musk said he had completed his acquisition, dismissed top leadership and replaced it with a new “content moderation council” that brings together “diverse views” on the issue. “No major content decisions or account recoveries will be made before the council convenes,” he added.

But that hasn’t stopped users from praising or denouncing Musk’s promise of reducing mitigation to encourage free expression. One question that remains is how this will affect the cryptocurrency space.

Musk has indicated on several occasions that his primary motivation for buying Twitter is to encourage free speech and open dialogue around the world. This is great news for the cryptocurrency community, as Twitter has rapidly become a hub for cultural expression around cryptocurrency. Mr. Musk’s generosity ensures that companies continue to use his social media platform for expansion.

Musk proposed adding cryptocurrency support to Twitter’s existing payment options. Although he’s been tight-lipped about the details, he’s hinted at the possibility that payments could be used to turn the service into an “all app.”

Meanwhile, Twitter appears to be focused on being integrated into crypto wallet infrastructure, suggesting the social media giant is already building tools in line with Musk’s ambitions. Musk has hinted several times that Twitter will support payments, so this development isn’t all that surprising.

Eradication of bots also ranks high on Musk’s list of priorities. Twitter has become notorious for these scams that attempt to trick cryptocurrency users into taking ownership of them. Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance plans to assist Musk in this mission by setting up an internal team to advise Twitter on how to combat bot accounts leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, Twitter said on Oct. 28 that it will partner with four exchanges to allow users to buy, sell and refer NFTs directly through Tweets. Known as NFT Tweet Tiles, this integration displays NFT artwork in tiled panels within Tweets, showing links to corresponding items in the marketplace.

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