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Explained: What is Metaverse & how will it benefit from 5G in India?

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The next generation of 5G technology is finally here in India. Several carriers have announced ambitious plans to expand their services to every corner of the country in the coming months. 5G services were launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the India Mobile Conference, which kicked off on October 1.

The advent of 5G has opened the door for further innovations in the technology sector. Among them is the metaverse.

“You can sell a product that demonstrates all the features without having a physical prototype. Can you explain to the customer what features you have? says Ram Gandhe of Stellar, a Metaverse service provider company. He explains how his 5G-powered Metaverse helps him visualize the entire product in a real-world environment. Transport the product to the customer.

What is Metaverse?

Since the metaverse is currently in a stage of evolution, it has no clear definition and is interpreted by different people for different uses. However, loosely it can be defined as a fictional version of the Internet that uses virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headgear to provide an immersive virtual environment.

The origin of the term “Metaverse” can be traced back to the science fiction novel “Snow Crash” written by American author Neil Stevenson and printed in 1992. Name your meta. For Mark Zuckerberg, the defining characteristic of the Metaverse is presence. It’s a feeling of being “with another person or in another place.”

How does it help?

The Metaverse has many applications, one of which was demonstrated by Ram’s company at the IMC event. With the help of this new-age technology, he says, products can be displayed in detail to multiple people, and their feedback can be obtained, all in real time, through digital interaction.

“We knew he was talking about this product when a customer touched a certain thing, which is what we call qualitative digital interaction,” he says.

Vipul, who has used the service for a year, says it’s a one-time investment and provides great peace of mind. “There is no need to worry about the product being damaged during shipping for demos.”

This is very different from what you see on screen, it feels like you have a 3D model in front of you.

How will 5G enhance this technology?

This is possible with 4G infrastructure, but 5G will bring a new revolution, Gandhe said. “We’re doing hundreds of megabytes of data transfer. But with thousands of people connected live, imagine the amount of data it takes to bring this entire infrastructure into the digital world.” Please. That’s going to be gigabytes of data that needs to be delivered quickly,” he said.

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