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Fear and Loathing in the Metaverse – The Echo

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Someone else was always in control. Oh my god, it’s him. Yep, it’s Mark Zuckerberg in his underwear with a gamer helmet. And nothing is real.

“When we’re all in the Metaverse”…that’s a phrase we hear a lot these days. I’m not quite sure what that means, to be honest. People say they know, but I don’t think so. I don’t think there is really anyone. Except Zuckerberg. Definitely Microsoft. Google is all on board. As we speak, data farmers are improving their virtual milking machines. And don’t think you haven’t already, there are holographic toes in the water. The eerie rebranding from “Facebook” to “Meta” marks the start of the game. “Shit is the name of a friendly way to connect with friends,” I thought. Except that’s not the purpose. it’s just a lure.

The Metaverse, this seemingly mythical place is less mythical and coming soon. Apparently in the next five years. This digital frontier, where the front door isn’t wood or glass, but a humble iPhone. I’m not sure I want to go In actual poetry, I’m still paying the mortgage. I also joined a political party to save it. But our future children leave. They are heading for a place no old man dares to trample. In other words, can you imagine Grandma in the Metaverse? “Where’s the button in the kitchen?” No, she wasn’t euthanized, she was removed.

Some talk of the Metaverse as egalitarian nirvana. A place to heal the economic divide that exists between the rich and the poor. where there are no obstacles. No racism. No gender. Only able-bodied people run through time and space. It is a spatial computing platform where digital experiences are created as replicas of the real world. But don’t worry. This is not a free world. Corporate giants are looking for ways to own it so that we can have all the civilized aspects that destroy and undermine us here. Currency, trade, economy, property ownership, etc. . Yeah, you won’t be able to buy anything anytime soon. If you are very successful, you will own more than anyone else.

Are you guys really going here? Where do bread-like creatures (half goat, half Zuckerberg) eat virtual grass and shit on blockchain? Where do people who have spent the last decade playing games in their bedrooms rule? The same people who were forced into counseling because they worried about becoming the next school shooter? I didn’t realize I was exploring a virtual plane. They weren’t avoiding it at all. They weren’t “games”. They were “training” for the future. Oh yes they are psychopaths but we are all now.

Because in the metaverse you no longer need to be yourself. You can create a whole new identity. So what happens in this three-dimensional virtual space? Is it virtually intrusive? Can we be cyber raped? Can we kill people in the metaverse? Can we chop up their avatars if we get mad? Can you be a cyberstalker? Who shall we call you? virtual cop? If you call the police, will he be a 14-year-old boy in Cornwall?

The idea of ​​the metaverse makes me uneasy. Not safe. It feels like a frontier more dangerous than outer space. Life on Mars is not so dangerous. And it doesn’t even have air. The Metaverse is a science fiction future prepared by the new gods of computer programmers and investors. On the other hand, in reality, in the real universe where our ridiculous old and unrenewed flesh and bone bodies live, we sit in our underwear in poverty while the real world burns. I’m here. But you can upload an avatar that conquers the virtual world. This Metabelese has infinite resources as long as you have enough power and silicon. Unlike Earth, resources are finite and life has a certain healthy, uncontrollable randomness.

Nothing is random in the metaverse. Everyone is in control. At least they think so. Because someone else is in control.

Someone else was always in control. Oh my god, it’s him. Yep, it’s Mark Zuckerberg in his underwear with a gamer helmet. And nothing is real. We are all characters in Zuckerberg’s virtual bid for world domination. There is a knock on the door.

is his mother. she is angry he hasn’t done his homework Game over.

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